SERIES 1 VS THE REST                          By Louis Powell


The more I have to do with Landies, the more I realize they have deteriorated in quality, strength and sheer practicality over the years and it is arguable how well the 110 with its coil spring suspension compares with a Series One in the arduous off-road conditions under which the Land Rover was designed to operate. 

I have compiled a list of some of the items and conditions that make a Series One a vehicle worth owning and preserving as original. Not all of these factors are unique to Series One’s as some were carried over into Series 11 and series 11A production, but by the time the 110 came into being, they were history. 

Incidentally just in case you think the 110 has it all, not only did the first Landies have constant velocity (CV) joints in the front axle, galvanized chassis and permanent four wheel drive, there was also a station wagon available that had a plush interior, one piece windscreen wipers and wind up windows.

So lets get out there and save some more Series One’s.

Land Rover Maths                      4 x 4 = 1 ( Series)

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