Fitting a Safari Snorkel to the Landy.


By Eric Mc Millan



I donít think the placement of the air intake on the TDI is optimum as it is right in the dust kicked up by the front wheel. Changing the air cleaner element after a Botswana trip I noticed how much dust had collected in the paper element and filter housing and realised that the period between filter changes should be a lot less than the manual states. I always had the fear that the engine would take a gulp of water when wading and destroy itself. Raising of the intake is a bonus.

The main concern was the ingress of dust and so the bullet was bitten and a snorkel purchased. Comprehensive instructions are supplied so fitting is quite simple. I have always been anti drilling holes in a vehicle so this was not easy for me. One cannot remove the snorkel when you want to sell the vehicle so it becomes a permanent fixture and is part of your investment.

The air intake is also a lot quieter when you travel with the window open.

The engine seems to be more responsive when pulling off and turbo lag seems to be shorter when you accelerate. I think the reason for this is that the intake pipe from the bottom of the snorkel is quite a lot bigger in diameter than the original system and is straight through.

The only disadvantage is that top of the snorkel is quite exposed so extra care will have to be taken in the bush.