Some Radio information

The International Phonetic Alphabet should be used to spell words that may be misunderstood:

The International Phonetic Alphabet

A Alpha J Juliet R Romeo
B Bravo K Kilo S Sierra
C Charlie L Lima T Tango
D Delta M Mike U Uniform
E Echo N November V Victor
F Foxtrot O Oscar W Whisky
G Golf P Papa X X-Ray
H Hotel Q Quebec Y Yankee
I India     Z Zulu


0 Zero Zee-ro
1 Wun
2 Too
3 Tree Thuh-ree
4 Fower Fow-a
5 Fife
6 Six
7 Seben Se-ben
8 Ait
9 Niner Nine-a
Pro Word = Figures

Some common phrases used for communicating:

Do you copy/Do you receive: Self-explanatory
Roger: Received and understood
Wilco: Received, understood and will comply.
Affirmative: Self-explanatory
Negative: Self-explanatory
Please relay: Self-explanatory
Disregard this transmission: Self-explanatory
I say again/say again: Self-explanatory
Send: Self-explanatory
Go ahead: Self-explanatory
Off and clear: Self-explanatory
Stand by/Standing by: Awaiting a further communication.
Out: This transmission is at an end