By Eric Mc Millan


For those DIY artists changing the oil filter it is a major mission and no amount of containers, papers on the floor, rags and anything else you can think of will avoid a mess.

Here is a method that works well.

Take a two-litre plastic cool drink bottle (avoid a coke bottle it has a restriction about a third of the way) and cut it off 180mm from the bottom so that it resembles a large drinking glass. Undo the oil filter so that it is “easy” hand tight. Slide the bottle over the filter and push it up against the engine flange. Grip the filter by squeezing the bottle and unscrew the filter it so it can drop into the bottle. During this operation hold the bottle against the engine flange. Keep on holding the bottle in place to catch all the drips (about 5 minutes) or until your arm gets tired.

Manoeuvre the bottle-trapped filter passed the front of the diff and through the steering bits and pieces, carefully, and deposit somewhere else.

I have had a few mess-less oil changes to date so I reckon this method works.

Last Modified : 09/02/2006 07:00