July 2008 (Better late than never...)

Hello Readers 

The weekend is halfway over the newsletter is still in its draft stages, time is running out before it’s August. The last few months have been rather busy for the committee with an excellent gates event down in the Inanda Valley and the thoroughly enjoyable LROC 20th Birthday bash and Broadlease.

Thanks must go out to those committee and club members that work darn hard in the weeks before to put these events on and to make them the success that they were.  

There are certain changes being made to how certain events are to be run or controlled, with safety being foremost on the list of priorities. The point of correct recovery points and equipment is one that seems to go on and on and we as the committee will continue to try and ensure that if and when recoveries, however small, are made that they are carried out as safely as possible.  See the article by Selwyn on page 2. 

Saying this, Landy Parts stock recovery points for Defenders. Unit 3 B, Rossmead Park, 14 Malone Rd, Maxmead tel: +27 31 7010262/7 fax: +27 31 701026 OR

Paul Chantler is able and willing to manufacture recovery points to fit most Land Rovers. Contact no. 0837447072 

Enjoy the Newsletter and come on let me have some stories or tips and advice for fellow members, even if it was just a trip up Sani!! 


New Ed’s comment, "The newsletter is published regularly on an irregular basis every month, printed as and when it seems fit and delivered when it suits. It will be late on your time, but on time, on my time.” 

 Obituary: Eric McMillan, a past Chairman of the LROC  

His Defender 110 V8 was called "The Beast" and his Defender 90 "Little Beast". Far from the real nature of Eric and Udith. He was always smiling and willing to help all. His contributions to the newsletter included not only his trips into Africa but the technical tips and gadget's he built. Not happy with his purchased roof top tent, he designed and built his own.  Eric and Udith have been active members of the LROC for 12 years. With about half of those years serving on the committee and was Chairman for 2 years 2001/2002.

By the Chairman

Recovery Points and Equipment --- I’m not introducing a topic new to any body. It has been raised in our news letter----- many MANY times; it was the point of a well attended event held by our club at Watervale Lodge some three years back; and George spoke at length about it at the AGM in February 2008. So we are ALL very much aware just how much importance our club places on this aspect of off roading.

Despite this many of us are guilty (yes I must admit it myself included) of being careless about this vital aspect of our vehicles’ equipment, and then we compound our carelessness by taking  our ill-equipped vehicles on trails and gates events relying on the fact that there will be other members with properly equipped vehicles available to haul us out of any trouble we may get into.

It however goes further than that. Inadequate recovery equipment (recovery points too) can often give rise to very unsafe recovery procedures which can endanger the lives of everyone nearby including our own and the very people trying to help us.

If you think about it, our club has been extraordinary lucky that during the 20 years of our existence we have sustained not one accident resulting in serious injury (or worse) to any of our members participating in our events due to inadequate recovery equipment. I’m suggesting then that the probability is very real that this happy state of affairs could sooner rather than later change for the worse, and I for one do not want to be part of allowing this to happen without making some attempt to avoid it.

Your committee feels then that enough time and words have been spent on trying to persuade us members to carry adequate recovery equipment in and to have adequate recovery points mounted (please note ADEQUATE) on our vehicles and has taken the decision to turn these words into actions.

At the committee meeting held on 13/5/2008 the following decisions were taken:-

In future all vehicles participating in any event held under the auspices of our club must carry adequate recovery equipment. The Events Organiser now has the authority to examine this recovery equipment with a view to assessing its adequacy to cope with any circumstance which in his opinion could occur on that event and he will have the power to prevent that vehicle from taking part in that event should he feel that the recovery equipment in question is inadequate in any way.

Please examine the attached pictures and take the time to imagine yourself or a loved one of your family behind that windscreen

We then come to the subject of the behaviour of the participants in our club outings.

The dreadful accident of 29/6/2008 highlighted just how quickly serious accidents can happen in our hobby, and your committee has been forced to recognise that it must take tighter control of the behaviour of those participating in and even spectating our events.

At the committee meeting held on 8/7/2008 the following decisions were taken.

The events organizer with the backing of the entire committee has the power to reprimand and discipline any person who during an event in his opinion is acting in an inappropriate manner and he may if he feels it necessary, prohibit that person from participating any further in that event.

This applies to any event or outing held under the auspices of our club and it must be clearly understood that the Events Organiser’s decision is final and it will be enforced by the entire committee.

It is understood that accidents by their very nature will happen but we as responsible people must do as much as we can to minimize their occurrence.


Being a Jeep owner has entrenched me amongst the ranks of the cool trendy and aloof Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) crew.  Or so I thought. It was only when I borrowed a friend's Land rover Defender that another world of camaraderie, spanbou and humanity was introduced into my driving experience.

It is amazing how disarming it is when you get your first wave from a Land rover Defender owner and you spend 30 minutes trying to work out where you know them from. When you get another wave a few minutes later you really start to think you've been set-up. Is there a sticker on my car….am I part of a breakfast show radio campaign and then it hits you! It's not you or  your Jeep. It is the Defender they are waving at .Or what it represents.

Don't get me wrong not Range Rovers or Freelanders  but the old school looking original Land rover – The Defender with a heritage dating back to 1954 -that all look the same to Jeep drivers. The relatively dependable, military looking bundu basher that you know will leave an oil mark on your driveway.

By the third wave I was waving back enthusiastically, even trying to get the first wave in. These are not dismissive waves either – waves with intent, fellowship, neighbourliness and genetically Defender…generations of post 2nd World War owners integrity symbolized in an honourable wave.

It is only when you have to return the Land rover that you are reminded of the social commentary the wave is making. You actually miss being part of the inner circle. They can't see your Land rover type attributes while they are so well disguised within the confines of the ice cool Jeep SUV team. (It is no wonder the new Jeep add is doing well as it adds a human element into the normally sterile, androidal vehicle market.)

It reminds me of times spent in rural or small communities and of times gone by. It is certainly something that reeks of nostalgia and if only it could be bottled. With my Jeep starting to mark its territory on my driveway it could be
a great opportunity to make a leap of faith to the other team – Team Land rover.. I  know which Team I'll be flagging down if I break down. The one waving with a smile.


George Goswell recently sent this in, along with his usual generous contributions. I have been looking at a few Land Rovers and could not work out if the price asked was high or low. The "experts" in the club always say too high. Found the below link which details the current market price for vehicles. Good tool to use but remember it does not take into account the extra's added or the vehicle condition.

Add it to the newsletter, it could become helpful for someone.  

 Those of you with internet access and are trying to buy or sell a Landy, check it out and let us know what you find.

 LROC KZN   Events Diary   2008 


What, where

More Info.


July / August

Lesotho Snow Trip

Come for the day or spend a weekend in the snow. Trip will be a short notice trip as per the past years. We wait for the deep snow and then we go. More info to follow. George is the contact for more info.

3 - 5


4th Gates Event

Venue to follow

3 - 5


17 Aug

Baynesfield Tractor Run

We have been invited to join the Natal Vintage Tractor And Machinery Club on a drive through the farm lands up to a private museum in the Baynesfield area. Meet at Baynesfield at 07h45 to leave at 08h00. BYO braai for lunch. Give George Goswell a call for more info.

2 - 3

 Please remember that vehicles need appropriate recovery points ad equipment for most if not all trails. Even vehicles like the Defender do not come out with adequate recovery points.  Please ensure that you have the correct recovery points and gear to assist someone or to be assisted yourself should the need arise.

Emphasis is also placed on the fact that most events require booking well in advance. If you are interested in attending an event, please notify the relevant committee as soon as possible, as a lack of interest may lead to events being cancelled.

TRAIL GRADING: All our events from now on will have a Trail Grading according to the 5 grades below.

1.        Complete novice soft dirt road trail, no low range required. Suitable for all Land Rovers including the Freelander.

2.       Limited low range required but suitable for the novice driver. Suitable for all Land Rovers with certain trails not suitable for the Freelander.

3.       Low range and limited off road knowledge required. Suitable for all Land Rovers except the Freelander.

4.       A low range technical trail suitable for the experienced. The inexperienced will be able to do the trail, as assistance will be available from the more experienced members. Suitable for all Land Rovers except the Freelander.

5.       Extremely technical, suitable for the experienced only with the possibility of vehicle damage. Only suitable for "Series" Land Rovers and maybe a few others.

If you wish to advertise, please email me at or fax on 031 564 2455
Let me know soon and we will put your ad in the next newsletter …..  

1973 Series 3 SWB Landy.It has a 2.5 litre petrol motor and is in daily use. Asking price is R 25000. Gordon Tripp Tel: 031 579 1023 Fax: 031 579 1025 Website: 1994 Land Rover Discovery 3.9i V8, 192 000km’s, air con, power steering, electric windows and mirrors, leather interior, radio/cd shuttle, twin sunroofs etc. Very good running condition contact Paul on 083 558 9831 R50 000 onco
2000 Discovery TD5, 199500km on the clock, Full service history, extra's: leather seats, nudge bar, tow bar, spot lights, roof racks, CD shuttle, R80 000 onco Contact:  Chantal  0836576077 Defender bull bar for sale  R1500 galvanised plus driving beams, ladder for roof rack, galvanised roof rack brackets for roof rack  contact Gary Clinton Cell - 083 336 9059 Fax - 086 502 8940 Tel - 031 561 7586
2000 Landrover Discovery TD5 199500 on the clock FSH, Extra's: leather seats, nudge bar, tow bar, spot lights, roof racks, CD shuttle. R80 000 onco Contact:  Chantal 0836576077 1989 Land Rover Defender 110 V8 Pick up in excellent running order, had a whole major service done, new tyres all round and accessories. All parts and accessories are all original Land Rover. R45 000.00 Pinetown Tanya Victor 084 518 6436/ 031 914 4176 email

Defender 110 TDI Hi-Line 1995 It is Green with white roof, KM 144 000. Offers between R65000 - R75000 will be accepted      Johan 082 782 4585
It has the following extras:
1. Snorkel   2. Checker plate on Fenders, sides and back  3. Old Man Emu Shock and Springs   4. Upgrade 5 Core radiator  5. Stainless Steel  Expansion water Header Tank   6. Black Box with Coolant monitor  7. 29 MHz aerial   8. Spare wheel bracket on back door  9. Spare wheel Bracket on Bonnet  10. Storage box fitted under body and some stuff  11. Smash and grab 35% tinted windows all around 12. Spare wheel cover  13. Hi Lift jack mounting Bracket on back 14. Additional Hella power points  15. Central Locking Alarm & Anti Hi-Jack & GearLock 16. CD Player / Radio 17.  Towbar 

1996 Cream Defender 110 Tdi CSW 280 000 Km. Asking R70 000 neg.Bruce (082 782 6454)
Long Range fuel tank , 40 litre Water Tank , Hi Lift jack mounting Bracket on back , Little Black Box Engine monitoring system ,  Smash & Grab on windows ,  Have recently replaced all bearings for pulleys , Replaced Alternator in 2007 ,      Cambelt was done @ 238000 By Brian Cotton , Replaced Black Expansion tank , Put in Firex Sound proofing on floors , Three Lions replaced F & R Diff Oil & Brake fluid flush Dec 07 , Bullbar & Spots , Towbar , New roof lining inside vehicle , Front tow hitch , Two Additional Hella power points one front one at the back  , CD Player / Radio ,Conti Tyres have done about 20 000 km  Spare New , Central Locking c/w Alarm & Anti Hi-Jack & override system ,,Stainless steel Clutch Master Cylinder From B/C
Landrover Defender 110 Hardtop TD 5; 181000km ;Aircon ;CD Shuttle ; Power Steering ; R85 000  Contact Philip on 082 3710408 127 Double Cab Defender 1994 model, 3.5 V8,  Air Con, Dual Batteries etc. Contact Alwyn 083 715 7554.
FOR SALE 1993 L/R DEFENDER 200Tdi 2.4l. DIESEL, EX CAMEL-TROPHY SUPPORT VEHICLE 230 000km,        120l. LONG RANGE FUEL TANK, EXTRAS, INCL. REAR SEAT & INTERNAL ROLL CAGE, RECENTLY REFURBISHED INTERIOR, 2 SPARE WHEELS, R 60 000.00 O.N.C.O, PLEASE CALL STAN on 082 928 6586 or EMAIL Discovery “BIGFOOT” V8i Auto 1998 214000km’s.  35” mud terrain tyres OME suspension, Imported castor correction arms. Salisbury diff with Detroit locker, 8000lb winch, Duo battery system.  Custom made s/s exhaust system, Snorkel, Removable tow bar, Air Conditioner.  Sunroof, Electronic windows, Power steering, CD + Amp + 10” subs, Serviced every 10 000km, Photos available.     
R 89 000,00 Roy Laming 0824469855 email:
TD5 90 2003 Silver , bullbar, towbar and spots but no winch. In excellent condition. 107000kms. I'd like to get R150,000 for it. I'm based in Howick and the car was bought from Gauteng. I haven't had any trouble with it at all and can supply a full service history. Philipa 0827871899 Land Rover Discovery 1996, good all round condition,  mud terrain tires still very good, motor recently
 redone.R53000 onco  Tell Craig 082 362 7227
1998 TDi Defender CSW.  Approx 150k km on the clock. .Bullbar, roof rack, ladder, new Conti trac tyres on 16’ steel rims. Air conditioning  Good overall condition. R110 000 o.n.c.o. Contact Charl 083 299 7997  
WANTED: Steel rims for TD5 Defender. Contact Henry on 082 9220370 WANTED: Instrument panel from an 86"or 88" Series 1. Complete or in any condition. Tail gate for a Series 1 SWB, any condition. Front fenders from a Series 111S (R6) Contact George 0836581324