September 2007

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This issue was about to be released without a trail story and at the last minute, two reliable sources delivered again. All I can imagine is that most other members never do anything exciting? Thanks George Goswell and Eric McMillan. Your stories are an inspiration and much appreciated. I have been wrapped over the knuckles regarding my Transkei trip details and hopefully I have them correct in this issue. Please contact Gary Clinton for “precise” route details and GPS info. 

As far as classifieds go in the newsletter, any ads over 3 months old will be excluded but will be re-inserted should it need to. Please let me know. We have some exciting outings and events coming up in the next few months so let’s get out there and show some Landy spirit.  Eric’s story will be in the next issue. 




New Land Rover is Def defying            


By Ken Gibson

Britain’s No 1 motoring writer

May 25 2007          

LET us pray! I’ve witnessed some strange things in this job, but never anything like a Costa Rican padre blessing a row of Land Rovers.

They have never been ordinary vehicles — their owners get very emotional about them and they become like part of the family.

But in the coffee plantation communities of Costa Rica they have an extra special place — which is why Padre Earle Betancourt includes the famous 4x4 in his annual blessing for every coming harvest. Land Rovers have become vital workhorses in the plantations. As Padre Earle, who drives an old Series II, explains: “The Land Rover is a very important instrument of work for the coffee farmers. This is why we pray for it.”

For the coffee farmers, the Defender has become a vital tool in their daily lives because of its ability to reach the parts even tractors can’t get to.

You won’t find publicity-seeking politicians trying to score points at the expense of 4x4 drivers here. In Costa Rica they are revered as machines that make a difference to people’s lives, and they have more street cred than a Ferrari.

So this was the perfect location to put the latest Defender to the test. In the hills, even the main roads can be treacherous affairs, especially after a tropical storm turns them into mudslides.


Fortunately, we went off-roading in the morning sunshine on mountain tracks in thick woodland, which would be a no-go area for most other vehicles. At one point, with a front wheel 4ft off the ground, I was convinced the Defender was about to topple over backwards. Yet it defied the laws of physics to inch forward. Maybe the padre’s prayer had more power than I thought.


The new model may have a smart new cabin and luxuries such as aircon and an up-to-date music system but its ace remains breathtaking off-road performance. A Defender feels part of the land; its tyres seem to hug the ground like a second skin. Mind you, it is pretty impressive in the water as well, crossing a fast-flowing river as if it was a mere puddle in the road. Land Rover may have improved the Defender, but it still follows the same basic concept of delivering a four-wheeled workhorse capable of tackling any conditions. It has a durability, strength and honesty which appeal to customers across the globe, especially those whose lives depend on a no-frills vehicle that won’t let them down.


But you expect a Defender to excel off road. It is on Tarmac where it has always felt crude and outdated. With this in mind, Land Rover has added a new 2.4-litre diesel engine with more sound insulation, a six-speed gearbox with a lighter clutch and smart new seats. Although considerably improved, the driving experience is still not for the faint-hearted. The new diesel may have plenty of guts, but it still lacks refinement. The steering feels heavy and changing gear is not for the dainty-footed, but there is something reassuringly solid about being behind the wheel. A day’s hard driving in a Defender makes you feel like a proper driver. And the new dashboard, which borrows parts from the Discovery and Freelander, is a major step forward in sophistication, as are the more supportive seats. The side-facing rear seats in the 90 have been replaced by two “stadium” seats facing straight ahead. They sit the passengers higher and give them a better all-round view.


The changes may be a relatively small step for motoring but they are a significant one for Land Rover’s oldest model, guaranteeing its future until at least 2013. For the people of Costa Rica, and probably thousands more owners in the UK and across the world, the Defender is like an endangered species, which should be allowed to roam the highways forevermore. And you get all the extra sophistication from £18,645 — only £400 more than the outgoing model — up to £26,605 for the XS Double Cab 110, which, when you consider how many years of hard graft the Defender will give, is a relative snip.


Included in the price — as with all models in the Land Rover range — is a charge for off-setting carbon emissions from the Defender for the first 45,000 miles, part of Land Rover’s initiative to tackle environmental issues. The average amount of CO2 produced by each Land Rover is offset by investments in a portfolio of projects, including renewable energy and other efficiency initiatives.


So perhaps the politicians who are making 4x4s motoring pariahs might just consider praising an incredible British machine.

 Future Events for your Diary. The trips listed below are provisional and can change at short notice. 


What, where

More Info.



3rd Gates Event

This Gates Event will be different. See below for details.

2 - 4

21 – 24 Sept

Possible trip to Jozi Dam

Camp over trip to Jozi Dam. Bring your boat and try some tiger fishing. A trip to either Ndumu or Mkuzi game reserve is on the menu. PLEASE NOTE This trip will only be run if we have the support. Give Gary Clinton a call for more info.

2 - 3

Oct / Nov

4th Gates Event

More info to follow.

3 - 4

Nov 18

Landy vs Toyota

The next round of the Land Rover vs Toyota challenge takes place. The venue is still to be confirmed.

3 - 5

14 – 21 Dec


The final route to be confirmed. First day Durban to Mpande and then will follow coast to Kei River mouth. The number of vehicles will be limited, so give Gary a call if interested.

3 - 4

27 – 31 Dec


The route to be confirmed later but will be as scenic as the past trips. We will enter Lesotho via the Ongeluksnek Border post. Give George a call if interested.

3 - 4








TRAIL GRADING: All our events from now on will have a Trail Grading according to the 5 grades below.

1.        Complete novice soft dirt road trail, no low range required. Suitable for all Land Rovers including the Freelander.

2.       Limited low range required but suitable for the novice driver. Suitable for all Land Rovers with certain trails not suitable for the Freelander.

3.       Low range and limited off road knowledge required. Suitable for all Land Rovers except the Freelander.

4.       A low range technical trail suitable for the experienced. The inexperienced will be able to do the trail, as assistance will be available from the more experienced members. Suitable for all Land Rovers except the Freelander.

5.       Extremely technical, suitable for the experienced only with the possibility of vehicle damage. Only suitable for "Series" Land Rovers and maybe a few others.

High Stakes Recovery and Night Gates Event.    Saturday 29 September 2007 

Arrive early and drive the various tracks.

12h00 to 14h00 Recover Demo down at the bottom section of the 4x4 track at the yellow clay part of the track. Will include the use of the High Lift jack, the different types of straps, shackles, winch etc.

14h30: Registration for the Gates event.

15h00 to 17h00 1st sections of the Gates Event while its still daylight.

17h00 to 18h00: Braai up by the bar area.

18h00 to +/- 21h00 2nd part of the Gates event in the dark. 

Entrance into High Stakes, which will include the use of the 4x4 track: R50.00/vehicle.

For those who wish to camp over on the Saturday night we will be camping down by the 4x4 track, no additional charge providing we buy the braai packs, which will be on sale for R30.00 each. Please support them as the LROC has been given the use of the venue with the understanding that we will make use of the catering at High Stakes. You will not be allowed be make your own braai and braai fires will be provided up by the bar area. The venue is a licensed venue and the bringing of alcohol into the bar/braai area will not be allowed. 

Directions to High Stakes: Take the Cato Ridge off ramp from the N3 and keep left from Durban (From Pietermaritzburg take the Cato Ridge off ramp and cross over the N3). From here proceed straight down the road for a km or 2 and turn right onto a dirt road at the High Stakes sign. Proceed for another km or 2 and turn right at the High Stakes sign. Once through the gate the bike track is on the left and the 4x4 track is past the bar area and down the bottom of the hill. 

The LROC needs to book with High Stakes the number of braai packs we require by Tuesday 25 September. Please contact either Gary Clinton 0833369059 or George Goswell 0836581324 to place your order.



Due to the fires in the Howick/Midlands area the SPCA in Howick required help in distributing donated feed to the livestock affected by the fire. 

The LROC received a call from the 4x4 Club to jointly assist the SPCA and get the donated feed into the affected area. 

10 Land Rovers and 6 others vehicles met at the BP garage before Cato Ridge at 05h30 on Saturday 7 June. We drove in convoy up to the SPCA premises in Howick and picked up a few more vehicles swelling the group to about 2 doz. Bacon and eggs rolls, coffee and orange juice was served on arrival. A quick briefing and the convoy set off to a farm a few km away to load up the bails of hay and bags of feed.

 What a sight seeing men women and kids helping to load the vehicles. No space was left in any of the vehicles as bails and feed were squeezed into all available space and on top. The group was broken up into 3 groups and each led by a SPCA official drove off in a different direction into the areas affected by the fires.  


 The fires that swept through the area at the beginning of last week were very serious. Km of forest and farmland burnt black. Many animals burnt to death and many others had to be put down due to their burns. Driving along the roads one cannot imagine what the people living in the way of the fire must have gone through. We met a few farmers and heard their stories of the fires.  

Winds of up to 135km spread the fire across fields before many could react. Most said that all they could do was to try and save the houses and leave the rest. 

Our group dropped off the feed in the Curries Post area. In the one area all the locals had moved the remaining cattle onto a field that had a few dried mielie plants. A sight that made it all worthwhile was seeing the cattle get struck into the feed almost as soon as we had dropped it. At one of the drop off points the cattle were eating the hay off the back of one of the bakkies before we could drop it. 

A rewarding day and thanks to all who helped the SPCA. Yes we will do it again and hopefully next time a few more members will show the sprit of helping others and join us. 


 Did you know that a Land Rover hard top Series 111S can take 7 bails of hay , 4x 50kg bags of feed in the back plus 8 bails on the roof rack. Almost forgot the 1X 50kg bag on the front seat. ( I wonder how many we could fit in other Landies? – well done George, that might be record!)


Remember it’s your club and you will get out of it what you want to. You have purchased THE BEST 4 x 4 x FAR and now its time to use it. See you at the next club event.

Welcome to: 

Noel and Rose Stapelfeldt                                                Discovery
Steve and Alison Russell                                                  Discovery
Frans and Elsebe Pistorius                                              Discovery V8
Howard McArthur                                                                 Range Rover Vogue SE

A floating Land Rover?

 floating Land Rover? People shook their heads in disbelief when they heard that a team from Land Rover World Magazine and Land Rover UK was planning to motor across Scotland on the Caledonian Canal in the amphibious version of a Land Rover 90.

On Tuesday July 25 2006, the Land Rover left Fort William for Inverness along the Great Glen, traveling along the length of the Caledonian Canal, from one side of the country to the other entirely by water.

The Land Rover World magazine and Land Rover team drove the world's only amphibious Defender 90 along the canal through the locks and the lochs - Lochy, Oich and Ness. The trip took three days and was a unique, once-only event.

The amphibious machine was built in 1988 as part of Land Rover's sponsorship of the famed Cowes week yachting festival. Following service in the Solent off the Isle of Wight, the Land Rover was retired to the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire. The Land Rover was recently restored to fully serviceable, seaworthy condition by staffs of Land Rover World magazine and Baldwin 4x4. It was used for this trip with the full support of British Waterways, Scotland.

Editor of LRW, John Carroll, said: "The amphibious Land Rover 90 proved to be completely reliable on its sixty-mile canal journey and the entire trip was blessed with breathtaking summer weather. Holiday makers along the canal took hundreds of photos of the Land Rover at locks and other view points, and the challenging adventure was a resounding success." A full pictorial report will be available in the October 2006 issue of Land Rover World magazine, due out in the first week of September.

 Off-Road Radio Association

P.O. Box 8860, EDENGLEN, 1613

This is a request to all clubs to include this notice in their next newsletter.  As we still have 57 outstanding licenses, it is necessary to issue this notice. Regretfully, as ORRA licences are issued by ICASA, we are obliged to take a firm stand where the required formalities are not met.  For a list of unpaid members from your club, please apply to the administration via email at 

Renewal notices went out in October 2006 for renewal of your ORRA license for the year 2007 and to date some members have not paid. In the case of 29mHz licenses, the license fee is R35.00 each plus the R20.00 subscription fee. If you possess more than one radio, it is necessary to pay the subscription fee only once

If you are NOT renewing your license, please supply us with proof of your privately obtained license or proof of sale of the radio(s) in order that our records can be updated. Failing this, you will still be obligated to the license registered in your name. Regretfully, should you fail to renew a license, ORRA is obligated to advise the Independent Communications Authority (ICASA).  

If you have paid and the payment has not been traced, please would you contact ORRA at 0861 393 272 so that it can be sorted out. 

Kind Regards, 


CODE 25 13 42
ACCOUNT: 5527 448 1908


FAX DEPOSIT TO: 0861 393 272

1996 Defender 3 door Hard Top TDi. 257k km FSH and daily runner.  R65 000.00 onco.       Phone 0834077241 1998 Defender 90 2.8i CSW - R80 000  250,000km lots of work done on it but needs attention  Craig Vallis 0836011382
1966 mechanically sound “two & a quarter” Land Rover short wheel base for sale. This car has had one owner, my deceased father. I am not desperate to sell but I have no use for it. Barry Hirst Tel : +27 31 332 3106 Fax: +27 31 332 3795 E-mail: LAND ROVER 300TDi Motor Complete: Still in vehicle, just been serviced, new cambelt. R.25 000 (Somerset West.) Tel.
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LT95 4spd Range Rover gearbox, with new clutch R7 500 Jan Viljoen cell: 0828243030 Tropical 80 litre 12 volt / 220 Deepfreeze R3 000.00, DISCOVERY SERIES 2. FACTORY FITTED NUDGE/BULLBAR          R3 200.00, 1988 RANGE ROVER - 5 DOOR, .R40 000.00     ROB - cell   087790997.
Aluminium roof carrier which fits the Defender and the Discovery for sale. A new one would be about     R4 500 or more. I would be happy if I could get R1 900.00 for it. Carl Hammersen 031-2621356 / 083 6113772 1995 V8i Disco. Man. 180,000 KM   Colour white, front bull bar, tow bar, Land Rover Mag rims, excellent condition.             R45 000. Jeremy   Cell 084 6000 102
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1999 Defender 2.8i County Station Wagon.  231 000 km. Serviced every 10 000 km at "The Centre" Land Rover & Jaguar specialists. Excellent condition. EXTRAS: Husky Superwinch winch & integrated bumper, Hannibal aluminium roof rack & rear ladder, split charging system with dual batteries (105 & 75A/hr Deltec batteries)
Side runner bars, underbody protection plates, 45 l Frontrunner fender fuel tank, New Cooper Discoverer 265/75 R16 S/T tyres. R120 000.00 Pete Ramsay cell: 0837807012
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Tent for sale – Contact Gary Clinton 083 336 9059  

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Pic. courtesy of Eric McMillan