July 2007

Greetings Members

Well , here it is. My first attempt at the newsletter and I trust it will not only match the level attained by George but will continue to improve and be refined into something that will interest everyone and be informative and serve more purpose than to help start the braai when the fire lighters run out. The format will remain the same in the short-term but may develop and hopefully improve as we go along. Enjoy and any positive criticism is welcome.  Thanks to those members that contributed to my request for stories etc. and thanks to George for his fine effort over the years (and for his contribution to this issue). I look forward to some new contributors from our members and I hope that the classifieds section doesn’t occupy the biggest portion of the newsletter.

A word from outgoing Ed, George..    

As I have said before I took on the newsletter a “short” time back with the intention putting together a few newsletter’s and then handing it over to someone else. Well you know the history.

Over the years I consistently looked for info to fill the 6 pages. The newsletter almost became part of my life, with almost every spare moment I had on the PC searching the Internet for “Land Rover News” . The good part of it all was the knowledge I have built up of  Land Rover’s history, models, technical tips and the contact that I made with various LROC around the world.

As the month end approaches I find that I keep wanting to do something about the newsletter. “Get over it fool” I tell myself and search for something else on the Internet. It does not work as I still find myself downloading something related to Land Rovers. Maybe there is a “Land Rover Anonymous” group that I need to contact.

Thanks to all the members who have supported the newsletter over the years with articles. If each member contributed just one article a year it would  go a long way to making the newsletter a pleasure to put together.

George Goswell

Thanks to the following for the kind words.

Ken asked me to write our thanks to you for your terrific input as Editor for all these years. It isn't an easy task to full and we think you have done a grand job.  It has always been eagerly read. In fact Ken can hardly wait for the pages to come out of the printer before he is scanning it with great concentration. It seems you perform all your voluntary tasks with great enthusiasm, patience and much work. Thank you.
Ken and Betty Gordon.

A special thanks for your dedication and contribution to the newsletter. I always enjoy receiving those emails with the subject title “LROC KZN newsletter”. I find it such a pleasant break and escape reading through them. I am confident however that you have handed the task over to capable hands.

Thank you again and all the best with your new challenge
Denis York

Well done George for hanging in there as long as you did. Quite honestly, I am always amazed at how much there is to read in each issue. From the oilfields in Russia, reading about 4x4 is about as much offroading as I get to do now, except for the odd trip (in a T#56ta) out to the oil wells.
Enjoy the break from the magazine work!
All the best,
Dave Burrows

Howzit George
Thanks for the news letter received yesterday. I am sure you look forward to your new free time with enthusiasm. I think you have done a bloody marvelous job putting out a regular newsletter every month. We always look forward to it and are aware of the time it takes compiling something like that. Well done.

Thanks a lot and enjoy working on your Series 1 project. 
Alan and Bernardine  Turner

Hi George
Sorry to hear that you are moving from one thankless task to another or maybe it’s a never-ending task rebuilding a S1. But thanks for all the hard work you have done with the newsletters. I am sure that I speak on behalf of all the LROC members when I say thanks for a great job well done.
Richard Hodsdon.

Dear George
Thank you for all your hard work over the years. For the past three years I've looked forward to receiving the newsletter every month and enjoyed the read.
Gravin Phyfer

Congratulations George.
You did a fabulous job, and I am sure the whole of the LROC membership appreciated what you did.
We wish every good luck to Greg, and I am sure he will be able to continue the good work. I shall try and attend some meetings and help him should it be required, as I know you gathered all your own information for the
Newsletter without outside help, and I compliment you on that. All said and done, Greg will obviously need some pointers, and tell him to get the rest of the committee to pull finger for timeous information. I know I have been one of the culprits in the past!
Again, well done,
All the best
Dave King

Thank you for the lovely newsletter we have received and for your dedication to the club at least you are still the CHAIRMAN.
Rob and Desiree Grobler

Thanks again it sure was fun.

George Goswell

Ex Newsletter Editor.

Current News: Ford 'In Jaguar And Land Rover Talks'

Monday June 18, 2007

Car giant Ford is said to have had negotiations with a US private equity firm about the sale of Jaguar and Land Rover.

But the discussions with Cerberus Capital Management were "inconclusive", according to the Wall Street Journal's website.



Company mulling sale of brands 



Cerberus is the company which bought loss-making Chrysler from DaimlerChrysler for £3.7bn in May.

That deal reversed the merger 10 years ago which saw the American and German car giants join forces.

Jaguar and Land Rover, together with Sweden's Volvo, form Ford's Premier Automotive Group (PAG). Ford is understood to have hired investment banks Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to help its attempts to sell off PAG.

The WSJ report quoted sources who said Ford expected any sale of the two brands to take at least a month and possibly longer. Only last week, another leading private equity group denied a claim that it is set to make a takeover bid for them. Business paper City AM claimed that investment firm Alchemy Partners planned to buy the iconic carmakers for around £3bn.

But a spokeswoman for Alchemy told Sky News that the firm's boss Jon Moulton had been misquoted and it was not working on a bid. Ford bought Jaguar for £1.6bn in 1989 and paid £1.7bn for Land Rover a year later.

Between them the two companies employ around 19,000 people across the UK.

Unions say they are worried about jobs and the effect any sell-off would have on pensions.

Future Events for your Diary. The trips listed below are provisional and can change at short notice. 


What, where

More Info.



Shu Shu

Shu Shu dropped due to lack of interest.


22 July

Umgeni / Dusi Valley

Scenic day trip up the Umgeni Valley following the Umgeni River from below Inanda Dam wall. The route we will drive will follow the Dusi Mfula mountain bike race. We will stop for a byo braai at lunch time. Meet at Waterfall Shopping Center ready to leave at 9am.

2 - 3

July / August

Lesotho Snow

When the snow falls, we go. Put your name down with George and you will be called at short notice for a trip up Sani to play in the snow. A camp over in Lesotho is planned but those only wanting to do a day trip are welcome. Call George for more info. Trail grade is a definite 5.


9 – 12 August

2nd Tembe Trip

2nd Tembe trip is fully booked.

2 - 3


3rd Gates Event

This Gates Event will be different. A Saturday late afternoon braai followed by the Gates Event in the DARK. More info to follow.

2 - 4

21 – 24 Sept

Possible trip to Jozi Dam

Camp over trip to Jozi Dam. Bring your boat and try some tiger fishing. A trip to either Ndumu or Mkuzi game reserve is on the menu. PLEASE NOTE This trip will only be run if we have the support. Give Gary Clinton a call for more info.

2 - 3

Oct / Nov

4th Gates Event

More info to follow.

3 - 4


Landy vs Toyota

The next round of the Land Rover vs Toyota challenge takes place at the High Stakes track in Cato Ridge. More info to follow

3 - 5

14 – 17 Dec


The final route to be confirmed. First day Durban to Mpande and will follow the coast up towards Port Edward. The number of vehicles will be limited, so give Gary a call  if interested.

3 - 4

27 – 31 Dec


The route to be confirmed later but will be as scenic as the past trips. We will enter Lesotho via the Ongeluksnek Border post. Give George a call if interested.

3 - 4













TRAIL GRADING All our events from now on will have a Trail Grading according to the 5 grades below.

  1. Complete novice soft dirt road trail, no low range required. Suitable for all Land Rovers including the Freelander.
  2. Limited low range required but suitable for the novice driver. Suitable for all Land Rovers with certain trails not suitable for the Freelander.
  3. Low range and limited off road knowledge required. Suitable for all Land Rovers except the Freelander.
  4. A low range technical trail suitable for the experienced. The inexperienced will be able to do the trail, as assistance will be available from the more experienced members. Suitable for all Land Rovers except the Freelander.
  5. Extremely technical, suitable for the experienced only with the possibility of vehicle damage. Only suitable for "Series" Land Rovers and maybe a few others.

Only in Africa!! What a place..

New Ed’s comment, "The newsletter is published regularly on an irregular basis every  month, printed as and when it seem’s fit and delivered when it suits. It will be late on your time, but on time, on my time.”

Don't Fill Her Up with Antifreeze    by Larry Gedney

This article is provided as a public service by the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, in cooperation with the UAF research community. Larry Gedney is a seismologist at the Institute.

The freezing point of an anti-freeze/coolant solution depends on the concentration of the solution, and rises when the ratio of antifreeze to water exceeds 60%.

 With winter approaching, most of us have begun to think about checking our antifreeze. If we're "good" down to, say, 20 below, it's probably wise to put in some more. How much? Well, on the back of most antifreeze cans or jugs, there is usually a table explaining the freezing points of different concentrations of antifreeze and water. Almost all of these tables show values down to about 60 below with a half-and-half mixture, but go no further. That's a pity, because it is at that point that strange things begin to happen.

It's not funny to the poor guy who wants to make really sure this winter, and with a "what the heck" attitude, fills the cooling system with pure antifreeze. He will be the one walking back into the house some frosty morning when its 10 below, shaking his head because his car radiator is frozen solid.

Thom Wigle of Dow Chemical in Ontario informs me that his office receives several hundred complaints each winter from irate customers complaining that their antifreeze is "no damned good." A typical story is that the customer was using a Dow product undiluted and their engine froze up at around zero.

Actually, this is to be expected when one considers that ethylene glycol, the principal component of most antifreezes, freezes at 8 degrees above zero, Fahrenheit. It is only when water is added that the freezing point is depressed. The freezing point of an ethylene glycol and water mixture drops rapidly as the concentration of glycol is increased to a mixture of about 60% antifreeze and 40% water. Around that point, an abrupt turnabout occurs, and as more antifreeze is added, the freezing point rises almost as fast as it had previously dropped.

It's clearly a case of what you don't know can hurt you, but I have never seen an antifreeze container with an explanatory note to this effect.

Glycols do not have sharp freezing points, and even below the freezing temperatures, a slushy solution exists which will still flow. In the never-never transition zone around -60°F and 60% glycol, the mixture can either crystallize like water (particularly when "seeded" by a crystal and agitated) or set to a glass-like solid with no orderly internal crystalline structure. Either way, the result is the same, and thawing measures including strong language are prescribed.

KRUGER PARK 2007  (27 May to 15 June) by Ken and Betty Gordon. Part 1 

After last year’s experience of brain curdling heat we were looking forward to visiting the Park once again but this time in the winter months. Caravanning is actually easier in the colder weather although we took every precaution and had our electric blanket and heater packed plus my old hotwater bottle.  I have never been a true bush camper after the style that first gathers kindling, then twigs, then branches, lights a fire using only one match, waits for it to become a blaze, rakes off hot ashes to one side, instals a huge old kettle full of water and sits back waiting a couple of hours for a cup of tea! If there is anything on the market which eases the burden of self-catering then count me in.

It’s something like 700 Km from home to Kruger Park and that is “How the Crow Flies” through Swaziland but the crow doesn’t have to go through four Border Posts on the way and prove that he is not carrying contraband or transporting illegal immigrants.

Sensibly we take the journey in stages and stopped off in Zululand at Futululu campsite. It is easy camping under giant shady trees and there is no need for an awning in the cooler months. It is an Educational, Environmental and Leadership Training Centre and during term time a bus load of children will usually descend on a Monday morning.

These days we have become somewhat laid back (lazy?) about setting up camp tending to opt for whatever is the least effort.  On this occasion we decided to remain hitched up in order to depart, after two nights, in the easiest possible way.  True to form, 30 youngsters arrived on Monday and their two leaders, hardly seeming much older than the schoolchildren, were ensconced in a chalet beside the caravan site. That day we decided to have our main meal midday and I was busy frying a large pan of onions on the table which Ken devised. It slots into the side of the caravan and is then supported by three adjustable legs. I asked Ken for a tin of our staple diet – baked beans – out of the container in the Disco. Meantime I stirred away happily, watching the onions brown and enjoying the aroma. Suddenly I thought I was getting a dizzy spell. The table was coming towards me! I held on and tried to stop the  gathering momentum and yelled at the top of my voice. The Disco had started to roll forward taking the caravan with it. Ken swiftly pulled the brake an extra notch and apart from a burnt finger and Ken’s badly scraped leg, we were O.K. 

The pleasant thing was that the two young men, the “Leaders” rushed out of their chalet, prepared to do anything they could to help and anxiously shouting “Are you all right?”  The next morning, before breakfast, we watched the children learning some great warming up team games on the playing field. It looked so easy and such fun we wanted to ask if we could join in.

Although the Border Posts at Swaziland were trouble free, there were a couple of caravan-shattering  dirt road diversions around Big Bend containing some tremendous road humps which were not immediately visible. We were only aware of them after a sickening thump of a descent.  There was caravan chaos when we opened up at Hlane, the Game Sanctuary owned by the King of Swaziland. In the couple of years since we last visited nothing much has changed. Ken had left a message for the King last time suggesting he instal electricity. On that occasion they had been out of gas which somewhat hampered the possibilities on the menu. This time they were extending the kitchen. They did have some gas but the gas ovens were not yet connected. Again the menu was severely truncated and I couldn’t see why it meant that chips could not be cooked. Nevertheless our Kingklip and Mash was delicious and it was only unfortunate that the “Book” on the Credit Card machine was finished and we would just have to pay cash and double unfortunate that any change needed had to be in Swaziland currency because they had no S.A. Rands!!!

The donkey boiler for the showers was due to be lit at 4 pm and again at 6 am. Meantime after supper there was the Swazi Cultural Group dancing to watch by the light of a full moon and a great fire. The kitchen staff and park attendants donned their ethnic attire, the four “maidens?” sporting a large screen print of the King’s face across their tummies. The three drums varying from shoulder to knee height beat out a deafening, hollow, booming rythm and the dancers swayed to the beat, adding some spasmodic kicking to liven things up.

We left next morning at 7.30. No donkey boiler lit and no shower. We have never experienced hot water at Hlane!

Once through the Northern border posts we headed for Komatipoort which is at a junction with Mozambique and S.A. From Komati it is only 8 km to Crocodile Bridge. Suddenly, without warning, we were on the bridge and IN THE PARK.

It’s hard to express the relaxing joy one feels once inside Kruger Park where it is different: laid back, natural, slow, easy going, bush hat and earthy-coloured clothes, early mornings, sleepy afternoons and always something to watch both inside and outside the camps.

To be continued…..


Extras for Discovery Ser 1-3,    4 Mellville & Moon seat covers - R1000
1 Roof rack (two slats type)  R500   2 used Michelin tyres 235 x 16  R400
Ph Rob Baird  0839964945

I have just completed the restoration of a 1968 series lla short wheelbase and have the following items left over, that I now want to sell.
       A set of four new springs for a series lla land rover.
       A metal ‘safari’ type roof rack.  

I’ll accept R1500 for the springs and R1000 for the roof rack. Brian Hayes (Cell number 0825781349)
Range rover  galvanised long range fuel tank R500   phone Don 0847544196


Series III SWB 1976, galvanized chassis, fire wall, door tops, door frames etc. 2CT engine with Ashcroft transfer box gear conversion, excellent condition. R39 000. Contact Richard Cullen 0834155421.
LAND ROVER 300TDi Motor Complete: Still in vehicle, just been serviced, new cambelt. R.25000 (Somerset West.) Tel.
Brian    083-6763601
2001 Defender 90 swb with approx 130000 km f.s.h. Good condition. R 125 000.00 Contact Kerry Roberts Cell no 0846886069, home no 031-5645480
1998 Landy Rover Discover I ES; 212 000 km. e/w, p/s, t/bar, a/con, leather seats, seat heaters, roof racks, roof carriers (original Land Rover). No accident damage. Really nice clean car. Price R95 000.00  Erras Lintvelt
 Tel (031) 3672635, Fax (031 ) 3672628, e-mail
LAND ROVER FREELANDER KV6. Automatic and manual (Steptronic) 2001, three-door, 2.5l, full house, hardtop/soft top, sunroof, radio/tape/shuttle, good condition, blue in colour. Lady owned. Call (031) 262-7008 before 7am or after 5pm or (082) 459-9644. R105.000 onco
Yellow Def 90 Land Rover is for sale for R 210 000.00 Please contact Marlyn on 083 376 9884. Land Rover S3 2.25L Pick-up: With canopy. For rebuild/spares. As is. R4000.    082-7046868
SERIES 1 - 107 Station Wagon - Complete and partially assembled - Reconditioned 21/4 Petrol engine fitted but still have the 2 litre original motor and bell housing. All panels re-sprayed. New Tyres fitted, never used. Additional aluminium petrol tank fitted. Needs finishing. Remarkably clean "straight vehicle. R 40,000.00 onco. Telephone John 082 823 5078 - Hillcrest, Durban LAND ROVER  FREELANDER   2.0  TCie   5door . Good condition has aircon, central locking, electric windows, leather seats.  Kms: + - 185000    In the last 2 years the rear Diff has been overhauled, Clutch replace, Head redone  and a new IRD box fitted by Landrover. 4 new tyres and a battery were fitted within the last 7 months as well as repairs to the exhaust. R84450-00 ONCO    Contact: Charmaine Gregory   Tel:   (031) 714 2027
A set of brand new Series IIa SWB springs - I reckon they're worth R1000.00 and a steel safari roof rack for a Series IIa SWB  -  R500.00? Brian Hayes, Greytown KZN and my cell number is 0825781349. LAND-ROVER owner's workshop manual Autobook 895 for models 2,2A, 3; 2 1/4 Litre Petrol, Diesel 2.6 Litre Petrol 1059 - 1975. R 80  Phone Ditar, mornings or evenings.    083-9501064
Snorkel: for Land Rover Defender 300Tdi or
Td5. Brand new & unused. Fitment included in price.    R 1500   082-5522178
BULL BAR: Range Rover 1995/99 model new
price R.3500.selling. R.500 (Paarl) Tel. Luan    084-5502127
I bought it as a rebuild project and since driving it home, have stripped it to major parts (diffs intact, gearbox intact, chassis, body panels etc)

It is a series 2a, 88 inch with original 2.25 petrol motor. The vehicle is complete ito all parts are there but does require someone to put her back together. My thoughts are either someone who wants to rebuild a series landy or someone who needs spares.

I have had the vehicle a few years now and would not be selling but am moving to a housing estate and I dont have the space for this project. I originally purchased the vehicle fo R12000 but would be happy to let it go at any fair cash offer to a fellow landy fan. Pics available.

Chris Hutton       mobile : + 27 (0) 83 625 6728

1969 short wheelbase landy pick up. 2 series, black with a 2.5 Chevy motor conversion. 4 new wide tyres.  New stainless steel tank, wiper motor.    High lift jack and tyre compressor(4WD) Just replaced manifold   Had a stainless cowl fabricated for fan to radiator heat transfer ( 2.5 Chevy conversion ) New battery and alternator and starter reconditioned.   Fitted with second hand steering box. Replaced entire braking system with the 3 series landy system.   Fabricated stainless hinged arm for spare wheel (too wide for bonnet)   Installed trommel box in the back for compressors, wheel spanner etc ( can’t remove) The Landy is mechanically sound, strong as an OX but the electrics may need a bit of work, lights work when they want to. It is licensed in my name. R 25K. My cell is 083 703 8077, work 031 - 579 5330/1, home 031 - 708 1513
Easy Awn Roof Top Tent: Wood platform needs attention otherwise very good condition, R2500 Krugersdorp, 0825617991  
X2 Windscreens for the Classic Range Rover. (1970 to 1995) Contact George  0836581324 I’m looking for a 90 or 110 Defender, preferably a 300tdi engine. Looking for low mileage  ± 120 – 160K. Model ±1994-1997 Must be in good shape, and no code3 (rebuilds)   Anthony (Pietermaritzburg) 082 854 6712   Email:

It’s s(no)w fun staying at home! Join George and his intrepid adventurer’s in their search of the white stuff