May 2007

How to change a fuel pump in the bush By Gunther & Ilse Kanz.

Idling along the sand road north of Ponweni Camp in Tembe Elephant Park to Muzi, to see the suspension bridge . . .

About 5 km before the gate, the Rangie stalls.

Ilse: Why do we stop here? We are not there yet.

Gun: The Rangie has no power.

Ilse: Why not? It is a V8.

Gun: The engine stopped running.

Ilse: Sh#%! What do we do now?

Gun: Let’s do some checks.

Gunther leaves the ignition on, walks around the car and listens to the fuel pump rear left. The pump works erratically, mostly not at all, sometimes trying to come on.

Gun: We have to change the pump, install the spare one.

Ilse: But there are elephants and lions around here. We cannot walk around in that environment!

Gun: There are only two choices: Change the pump or stay in the car and wait till tomorrow. Somebody should realize that we are missing at the camp site.

Ilse: OK, but be careful.

Gunther gets his tool box (and a Black Label for moral support) and starts removing the faulty pump. To stop the fuel running out of the tank, Ilse crawls underneath the car and blocks the fuel line with her thumb.

Ilse: What do I do, if there is an elephant coming? If I jump into the car, we will lose all the fuel.

Gun: Don’t know. Let’s go on with the job.

About 40 minutes later, the swop is done, we can start the car again.

Gun: Can we go on now, to see the suspension bridge?

Ilse: I am tired now by all that work. Let’s go back to camp.

And so we idle back to camp, another successful day in Africa.

Future Events for your Diary. The trips listed below are provisional and can change at short notice.


What, where

More Info.


Sunday  20 May

Cars in the Park PMB

Its cars in the park time again. Wanted all Land Rovers OLD and NEW to display. The LROC will be at the same stand as last year. Braai fires will be lit for a BYO braai. To gain entry to the stand please try and be there by 08h00. Contact George for more info.


Saturday 26 May

National 4x4 Challenge

This is the event of the year to come along and support as a spectator. Classes include 2 wheel drive buggies, standard vehicles and the 3 classes of modified 4x4. High Stakes at Cato Ridge is the venue. Full catering available. Give George a call if more info is required. Lets show the strength of the LROC KZN and all park together in the car park.



Grade 1

2 – 3 June

Duzi Mfula

The Duzi Mfula is a 2 day mountain bike race from PMB to Durban following the Duzi Canoe route as far as possible. The LROC have been approached to help with the marshalling on the event. If you are able to help for the 2 days with a camp over at Inanda Dam on the Saturday please give Henry a call NOW.

1 - 2

10 June

2nd Gates Event

2nd Gates event to be held at the Eston Quarry again. I was hoping to secure a quarry closer to Dbn but that has fallen through. 2 classes to be run again, modified and standard. Give George a call for more info.

3 - 5


Shu Shu

More info to follow.

2 - 4

July / August

Lesotho Snow

When the snow falls, we go. Put your name down with George and you will be called at short notice for a trip up Sani to play in the snow. A camp over in Lesotho is planned but those only wanting to do a day trip are welcome. Call George for more info.

3 - 4

9 – 12 August

2nd Tembe Trip

If you missed out on the 1st trip, then this is your only chance left to explore Tembe with the LROC. Give Gary Clinton a call for more info. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CUT OFF DATE FOR THE MEMBERS WHO HAVE PROVISIONAL BOOKED IS THE END ON MAY (This Month). FAILURE TO PAY FOR YOU TRIP BY THAT DATE AND YOU WILL BE DROPPED AND THE MEMBERS ON THE WAITING LIST WILL BE OFFERED THE TRIP.

2 - 3


3rd Gates Event

This Gates Event will be different. A Saturday late afternoon braai followed by the Gates Event in the DARK. More info to follow.

2 - 4

21 – 24 September

Possible trip to Jozi Dam

Camp over trip to Jozi Dam. Bring your boat and try some tiger fishing. A trip to either Ndumu or Mkuzi game reserve is on the menu. Give Gary Clinton a call for more info.

2 - 3






4th Gates Event

More info to follow

3 - 5

14 – 17 December


The final route to be confirmed but will start down south near Hole in the Wall and follow the coast up towards Port Edward. The number of vehicles will be limited, so give Gary a call  if interested.

3 - 4

27 – 31 December


The route to be confirmed later but will be as scenic as the past trips. Give George a call if interested.

3 - 4





















TRAIL GRADING All our events from now on will have a Trail Grading according to the 5 grades below.

1.       Complete novice soft dirt road trail, no low range required. Suitable for all Land Rovers including the Freelander.

2.       Limited low range required but suitable for the novice driver. Suitable for all Land Rovers with certain trails not suitable for the Freelander.

3.       Low range and limited off road knowledge required. Suitable for all Land Rovers except the Freelander.

4.       A low range technical trail suitable for the experienced. The inexperienced will be able to do the trail, as assistance will be available from the more experienced members. Suitable for all Land Rovers except the Freelander.

5.       Extremely technical, suitable for the experienced only with the possibility of vehicle damage. Only suitable for "Series" Land Rovers and maybe a few others.

Looking for something to do over the weekend of 2-3 June.

Give Henry a call and be part of the 2nd Duzi Mfula Mountain Bike race from PMB to Dbn. 

WANTED.  LROC members to assist with the marshalling on the event. We require 20 Land Rovers and 40 people to be part of the marshalling team over the 2 days.

Land Rover: Four million served since 1948

Posted May 9 2007
 The four millionth Land Rover has rolled off the line at the company's plant in Solihull, England, just six years after the three millionth Land Rover rolled off that same line. The vehicle, a Discovery 3 - known to us as the LR3 - was then donated to the Born Free Foundation for use as a rapid response rescue vehicle. The foundation has been one of Land Rover's global sponsorship partners since 2002. On hand to pick up the vehicle was Born Free's founding patron, actress Joanna Lumley. Land Rover has become virtually synonymous with wilderness adventuring, particularly African safaris, so it's only fitting that this milestone vehicle goes to an organization that strives to preserve the same habitats that its early vehicles explored.

Hi George,
Here's my article on Tembe.

Our journey to Tembe started at 2am on Friday when we met the Oates in New Germany. We reached the Ultra City at Stanger at 3am  joined up with the Cochranes and Mc Dougle's and our four Landy convoy was finally enroute for the TEMBE ADVENTURE. Going via Jozini we took about 6 hrs to reach Tembe Gate where the Game Ranger welcomed us who gave us laminated maps of the park and explained the reserve protocol. We'd heard so much about the thick soft sand roads and how aggro the elephants were that I was I admit just a teensy bit apprehensive at setting off on the 20 odd k drive to Ponweni Camp. Sure enough within a matter of minutes we came across two very large elephants off to the right of us about 30 or so meters off the track. Far from wanting to attack us on sight these two giants ignored us completely. After watching them for a short while we proceeded on our way as we had had a long day and we still needed to uitspan.

The majority of roads through Tembe are of soft fine sand, which definitely requires 4x wheel drive. One hardly has to steer as the wheels just follow the tracks.   We did not see any more elephants that day though we saw plenty of Inyala and Impala.

It took us an hour to reach Ponweni as we were driving VERY slowly and we made numerous wrong turnings. 

Finally we reached Ponweni at about 10.30am and found that the camp site was already quite full, some people having travelled up the previous day.

Getting 25 Landies, their associated tents and three or four trailers into the camps fenced area proved quite a mission. We realised in retrospect that the maximum number of vehicles that this camp in its present state should take is ten maybe twelve at a stretch.

But we were all here now and once we had settled down we made the best of things.

That first evening Oscar and his team laid on a potjie, which we were told, was Nyala meat. What ever it was it was very good and there was more that enough for every one.

However it had been a long day's drive and I was soon ready for bed and as that evening was very warm the cold water showers that us males were allocated were no hardship at all.

The next day we all went North to the "market" at the Moz border. We had to have an armed police escort for this trip as a hi-jacking had taken place just the previous day. Again the driving was through soft sand tracks, but though we saw countless buck of various species, we saw no elephants or other big game.

The  various stalls at the "market" had very little variety and by far the most plentiful of goods on offer were the dried fish that stank to high heaven, brandy and whisky of suspect origin and vetcook which were made on the spot and surprisingly good to eat.

On the way back after safely passing the "hi-jack area" our convoy split up with us electing to drive directly back to camp.

The weather had turned windy and that evening we had no sooner settled down around the braai fires when the rain came down in buckets. The temperature had dropped considerably, forcing most people to make an early night of it.

We spent Sunday morning at a hide in the South East of the reserve, and our patience was rewarded when a lone bull elephant turned up for a drink and mud bath.

The good weather returned and was to hold for the rest of our stay and the socialising round the camp fire that evening went on till the early hours, resulting in some sore heads the following morning. That evening the Tembe Lions made themselves heard in no uncertain manner.

Monday was spent going in parties of seven or eight to a platform erected up a tree approximately 9 metres off the ground. This hide overlooked a large water hole in which were numerous hippos. Nothing unusual happened during our party's sojourn on the platform though when we returned to our vehicles we ran into a herd of elephants. Our guide quickly hustled us into our vehicles and instructed us to beat a hasty retreat out of the area for this herd had young with them and were rather nervous. The next party to visit the platform had to contend with this herd and by all accounts it was quite exciting.

With the prospect of packing up and leaving this beautiful area the next day, Monday evening round the campfire was

somewhat subdued relative to previous evenings. Fortunately the lions again were in fine vocal form and just sitting there listening to them was glorious.

The opportunity was taken to thank Osar for the effort that he and his team had put into making our stay a good one. I feel that what these rangers did for us exceeded by far what I expected and I would go so far as to say that they should not try to better this effort in any way what so ever. In my opinion it was a perfect balance between making things a comfortable as possible especially for the ladies without spoiling the effect of camping "rough" in the African bush. The arrangement that the ladies were to have the formal ablutions and hot water showers while the men were to have the newly erected rustic cold water showers and toilets worked well and in my opinion this rusticness added just the right amount of appeal to the trip. Certainly none of us suffered as a result of these arrangements. I enjoyed every minute of my Tembe Adventure, and would have no hesitation repeating it.

Selwyn and Jean Ambler

Trip Report by Gunther & Ilse Kanz: Tembe Elephant Park

Thursday, 26 April 2007 

Leave Salt Rock 08:40. Travel via Empangeni, Mtubatuba, Mkhuze to Jozini.

292 km, 3 hours 50 minutes. Fill up with petrol. Continue to Tembe gate, 71 km. Continue to Ponweni Ranger Camp via East Swamp Road, 19 km, partially deep sand, 4x4 necessary. Put up the tent and relax. Weather is sunny and mild, no clouds. 7 vehicles arrived today. 

Friday, 27 April 2007

Game viewing and sight-seeing. Travelling north direction to Muzi gate, before the gate turn west, then south (road is not on the map, no entry road), Salani Wilderness area. Arrive at Ezinaleni Pans. Saw dung beetles rolling their dung balls, bokkies, and giraffes. Pans are dry, no water. Continue via the Manungwa Picnic Site back to camp.

                                                                                                                       Mozambique Fence

The rest of the vehicles have arrived. Total of 25 Land Rovers. Big Nyala potjie in the evening, one pot feeds 50 people!

Weather is fine in the morning, clouds gather in the afternoon. Put the fly-sheet over the tent, just to be safe. It starts raining late at night, some showers.

Saturday, 28 April 2007

09:30 Still drizzling ever now and again. 23 Land Rovers move in convoy north to the locked Muzi Gate. A game ranger unlocks the gate and lets us through. The road leads along the border of Mozambique to Kabuza, a local market in Mozambique. Nine hi-jacked vehicles were brought into Mozambique from South Africa a few days ago, so the SAPS are there in a bakkie and the riot police in two quads. They drive up and down the moving convoy for protection.

We arrive finally at Kapuza, the market, at the South African side. The guy from the riot police negotiates through the fence with the Mozambique border guard and we can pass into Mozambique without any papers. Items being sold at the market are mainly fish, fruit, vegetables, bread, alcohol and cloth. A bottle of Paradiso Whisky costs R25. After buying things and taking photos, we return to South Africa to the Muzi camp, where boerewors rolls are for sale. Then we travel along the northern border through the Salani Wilderness area, arriving at the camp at 16:30.

Sunday, 29 April 200

Had a look at Ponweni hide, no animals to be seen. Went on south on the western swamp road. Elephant’s left and right of the road, some quite close, about 30 m away. Continued to the Manungwa picnic site for boerewors rolls and then to the Isifomhiti viewing platform (13:00, had to be booked earlier). This platform is about 8 m off the ground in the air, accessible via two ladders. Saw two elephants approaching the water hole, drinking and then disappearing again. On the way back there is a big elephant blocking the road. He moves in the same direction as us, so all we can do is following him slowly and at a distance, till he moves off the road after the forest.

Monday, 30 April 2007

Went south sight-seeing on the eastern swamp road, but saw no animals except a few bucks. Arrived finally at the Mahlasela hide. Just as we settled down and looked at the bucks around the water hole, the elephants arrived. First only one, then two, then the whole herd, 10 in all. What a sight! They splashed in the water, some had a mud bath, two were embracing themselves and two had a little fight. Quite an experience.

We wanted to see the suspension bridge near Muzi, so we left the Mahlasela hide after the ellies disappeared and headed north on the western swamp road. A white rhino moved into the bush, as we approached it. Some time later and about 5 km before Muzi gate, disaster struck, the engine just died. Found out, that the petrol pump was not working, which was installed only one week ago.

Two options:

A. Stay in your car and wait till tomorrow. Somebody will hopefully realize, that we are missing, and a search party will be organized to find us.

B. Take the faulty pump off the vehicle and install the spare one, which we did. It was a bit scary, Ilse lying under the car and blocking the fuel line from the tank with her thumb. What, if an ellie approaches? Jumping into the car and let all the fuel run out? Luckily this did not happen. The swop was done within about 40 minutes and we returned to camp.

Tuesday, 01 May 2007

Everybody was busy packing and getting ready for the trip home. We left at 09:30 and did only about 20 km, till the old problem occurred again: fuel starvation. The spare pump (the square one) installed did not supply enough petrol, to keep the car going. George and Selwyn caught up with us and we decided, to install the new pump again (the round one). This however did not help much, as this pump worked erratically. We finally installed the spare pump in series with the other one, which brought us home (slooowly, minimum pressure on the accelerator, the hills became a nightmare).

Considering the whole trip, we really enjoyed it. It was really worth it. Good companionship, sitting around the camp fire every evening, lots of animals, being close to nature. The pump problem was just one of these things.

A big thank you to George and Selwyn, who helped us doing the pump modifications and who stayed behind us to make sure, that we arrived home in Salt Rock safely. That is the real spirit.

Gunther & Ilse Kantz


Extras for Discovery Ser 1-3,    4 Mellville & Moon seat covers - R1000
1 Roof rack (two slats type)  R500   2 used Michelin tyres 235 x 16  R400
Ph Rob Baird  0839964945

Hi Dave
Peter Allan put me on to you WRT my landrover that is for sale. I don't have a photo to e-mail you but I can arrange that or I could drive it to the land rover club, not sure where it is though. I paid R25K for it and have spent at least another R25K on it. I know I will never recover the money and my wife won’t let me spend any more on it.
I will give you the details as a start.
It is a 1969 short wheel base landy pick up. 2 series, black with a 2.5 Chevy motor conversion.
4 new wide tyres.  New stainless steel tank.   New wiper motor.    High lift jack and tyre compressor(4WD)
Just replaced manifold   Had a stainless cowl fabricated for fan to radiator heat transfer ( 2.5 Chevy conversion )
New battery and just had alternator and starter reconditioned.   Fitted with second hand steering box.
Replaced entire braking system with the 3 series landy system.   Fabricated stainless hinged arm for spare wheel (too wide for bonnet)   Installed trommel box in the back for compressors, wheel spanner etc ( cant remove)
The Landy is mechanically sound, strong as an OX but the electrics may need a bit of work, lights work when they want to. It is licensed in my name. You have to see it to appreciate it as I think it looks mean.
 Thanks for your time. My cell is 083 703 8077, work 031 - 579 5330/1, home 031 - 708 1513.
Range rover  galvanised long range fuel tank R500   phone Don 0847544196 Series III SWB 1976, galvanized chassis, fire wall, door tops, door frames etc. 2CT engine with Ashcroft transfer box gear conversion, excellent condition. R39 000. Contact Richard Cullen 0834155421.
LAND ROVER  FREELANDER   2.0  TCie   5door . Good condition has aircon, central locking, electric windows, leather seats.  Kms: + - 185000    In the last 2 years the rear Diff has been overhauled, Clutch replace, Head redone  and a new IRD box fitted by Landrover. 4 new tyres and a battery were fitted within the last 7 months as well as repairs to the exhaust. R84450-00 ONCO    Contact: Charmaine Gregory   Tel:   (031) 714 2027 110 LANDROVER(1992) PICKUP   2.05 PETROL - 4 FAVCTORY FITTED FUEL TANKS  3/4 TILT 
R35000.00  FOR MORE INFO, PLEASE  CONTACT: ROB GROBLER   0833601470  Desiree Grobler (0330886)
2001 Defender 90 swb with approx 130000 km f.s.h. Good condition. R 125 000.00 Contact Kerry Roberts Cell no 0846886069, home no 031-5645480 Landrover Defender 110 Roof rack, full length, Big Country, aluminium with spade and axe mounting, R2500; Tel Sean 084 333 0888; Email for photographs
Range Rover, 1988, 4 doors, 3.5 Litre EFI V8 - manual, Blue Enjoin and transfer box was rebuilding 10,00km ago. Fitted with Goethe Management system. Leather Interior. Radio, AC, Central Locking Tow bar etc. Price - R42500.00 Location: Pretoria North. Contact Jasper Staler – 0837137118 2000 Range Rover HSE Immaculate condition, FSH at Land Rover 88000km. R160000.00 Neg Tel Ian 083 661 4684
Disco 1 0r 2 in excellent condition with a fare mileage must be an auto (for the wife) and a FSH. Cash buyer Ian 083 661 4684 Disco II, 2004, GS Manual. Mileage 138,814. Melvin & Moon seat covers and roof rack. R189,000-00. Vehicle based in East London. Contact Colin Wood, 0836353094.
Discovery II TD5 auto, Dec'04, 67000kms,all-in-one camper, OME suspension, winch, dual battery, dual diesel tanks, snorkel, 80L water tanks, kitchen with Engel fridge/freezer built into rear, dual awnings side & rear fluorescent lights, rear ladder, Hannibal rooftop tent, Melville & Moon seat covers, Blue tooth phone kit, ideal for Botswana style camping, R240.000 tell Noel 0832629003. 1997 Land Rover Discovery 1 Tdi for sale, duel battery system, long range fuel tank (140 litres),190 000km,R70 000 onco Reason for selling: Need a bakkie for the business! Thanks Tel:083 763 4746
Roof Rack for 90. Galvanized Steel and Meranti with bracket underneath for trestle table. R600 . Contact Alex 082 396 9782 For sale x1 Range Rover Classic windscreen from the Rangie in the picture above. 20% of the windscreen has no cracks and is going for a good price. Contact Alfie for more info.
'96 Land Rover Beige 90 TDI, long range tank & a canopy R85000.00 Sidney 073 312 6953 110 rear right sliding window R150, 110 centre front seat R100, 110 rear folding seat R100, series plexiglas side window R75, series leaf springs (2) R100 contact 072 630 8070 – Emlyn
Range Rover Classic 3dr 1980 3.5 V8. 275,000km. Very good condition, very original. HD coil springs. BFG tyres. Bull bar and tow bar available. Photo available via email: R29,500 SERIES 1 - 107 Station Wagon - Complete and partially assembled - Reconditioned 21/4 Petrol engine fitted but still have the 2 litre original motor and bell housing. All panels re-sprayed. New Tyres fitted, never used. Additional aluminium petrol tank fitted. Needs finishing. Remarkably clean "straight vehicle. R 40,000.00 onco. Telephone John 082 823 5078 - Hillcrest, Durban.
1998 - 90 Tdi - 189000km - White - Bull Bar - Air con - Radio/Tape/CD Shuttle - One Owner - Full Service History - Excellent condition & Clean -Price - R95 000 Contact - Warrick -082 451 5519 – Gauteng Land Rover Defender 1998 Tdi 110 hardtop, with trench conversion (3 passenger back seat and one side door added). 100 litre diesel tank. Dark green. Snorkel. Bull bar. Roof rack. 230 000km. Contact Marietjie 082 469 4133 - Brackenfell, Cape Town
1993 Defender 2.5 diesel 5 door white.Reluctant sale –relocating.R63000. Contact Regan 0825835793. Series 111 full length roof. It is complete with rear door and tropical roof but bits of the sides are missing.
R1 000.00 onco.  Contact Barry Baum.  Cell       083 250 3388   Work    031 205 8422   Home    031 466 5358
Series 11A LWB PUP. 2.6 6cyc motor.  Good condition, urgent sale due to work overseas. Any reasonable offer considered. Contact Harold Lax  0766667672 or Barry Baum    Cell 083 250 3388    A/H 031 466 5358 Office 031 205 8422  
Hi George   I would like to place an ad under the Wanted section on the Land Rover Club web page please.  I’m looking for a series II or III s/w or swb in good / good-ish original condition (daily runner preferably).  My contact details are: (cell) 083 657 5923, (h) 033 3442653 or (e-mail) X2 Windscreens for the Classic Range Rover.(1970 to 1995) Contact George  0836581324