August 2006


The trip was listed as a short notice trip to run as soon as the snow falls thick enough to have fun. Well the snow hit Lesotho on Wednesday and Thursday and the decision to GO was made on Thursday evening. At this time Sani Pass was still closed, but on Friday the local tour operators in Underberg got together and opened the pass.  A quick email to all and a few phone calls to the members who responded had 6 vehicles taking up the challenge and what a trip it proved to be.  We met at the  

BP petrol stop on the N3 before Cato Ridge at 05h00. We cleared the border post just after 08h00 and were almost the first vehicles up Sani. No snow down the bottom but as one approached the contour gradient of about 2500m the snow was all around. The switchbacks near the top of the pass were thick with snow. The tour operators had done a lot of work to clear the thick sections. Well-done guys.

White as far as one can see was the sight greeting one as one reached the top. Once through the border post we skipped the Lodge and made our way towards Black Mountain. We stopped at the bridge crossing of the Sani River and the kids (big and small) had fun skating across the frozen river.

We were the 1st vehicles up Black Mountain and the road ahead of my Landy was white with no tyre tracks. What a lovely sight. A different sight greeted us as we drove down later in the day as many vehicles had followed us and the white snow covered track was now mud and black.

Near the top of Black Mountain is an old track that goes off to the right. The track was covered in snow and required a walk up it to find the track. I tried to drive up it but the snow was deeper than my front bumper and the Landy only managed about 10m. Chains on the back wheels only helped to get the Landy about an extra 30m. Next time chains on all wheels.

We stopped for a lunch braai on the top of Black Mountain with a view down the valley. As far as one could see it was white. What a sight.

Vehicles on the trip, my Series 111S, Paul’s Series 111, Craig’s Disco Tdi, Bob Range Rover V8, Gary’s 90 TD5 and Garth’s 110 TD5.  We drive mud, rocky river beds, soft sand, etc all year on our various trails, but nothing can prepare one for driving in snow. Its cold, wet, slippery, comes once a year and cannot be missed. I cannot wait for the next snowfall.


Remember it’s your club and you will get out of it what you want to. You have purchased THE BEST 4 x 4 x FAR and now its time to use it. See you at the next club event.

Charles and Carol Kays                                      Wilmington, NC, USA                             1994 Range Rover

Mark and Linda Lederle                                      Pietermaritzburg

Shane Donkin                                                    Windermere

Wade and Sarai Donkin                                      Cowies Hill

Due to Henry being away the new members vehicles were not available. All will be rectified next month

Future Events


What, where

More Info.


19-20 August

Camp over

Eagles View, Wartberg area. Give Gary a call for more info or read below.

1 - 3

Sunday 10 Sep

3rd Gates event

Eston is the venue again. Meet at the quarry at 08h30 to start the gates event at 09h00. Give George a call if more info is required.

3 - 5

23 – 25 Sep





Broadleaze + 4th Gates

It’s a fun event for the whole family. This year it’s going to be big. More info to follow.  Give George a call for more info.

1 - 3






Hidden Valley, Mooi River

Camp over. More info to follow

1 - 3

Sunday 12 Nov

5th Gates Event

Venue to follow.

3 - 5

Dec / Jan


A trip down the Transkei Coast. Read below

1 - 3








TRAIL GRADING All our events from now on will have a Trail Grading according to the 5 grades below.

1.        Complete novice soft dirt road trail, no low range required. Suitable for all Land Rovers including the Freelander.

2.       Limited low range required but suitable for the novice driver. Suitable for all Land Rovers with certain trails not suitable for the Freelander.

3.       Low range and limited off road knowledge required. Suitable for all Land Rovers except the Freelander.

4.       A low range technical trail suitable for the experienced. The inexperienced will be able to do the trail, as assistance will be available from the more experienced members. Suitable for all Land Rovers except the Freelander.

5.       Extremely technical, suitable for the experienced only with the possibility of vehicle damage. Only suitable for "Series" Land Rovers.  Ha Ha


Camping Fee       Adults R40.00 pp/day, Pensioners    R35.00 pp/day, Children u/12   R25.00 pp/day

DIRECTIONS:  from Pietermaritzburg Take the R33 to Greytown.   Travel +- 15km then turn right onto the R614 to Wartburg.  Go through Wartburg and take first right turn outside Wartburg to Bruyns Hill and Harburg.  Pass Bruyns Hill Store and carry on until you reach a T-junction.  Turn right to Harburg and travel +- 8km until you see a caravan and camping sign on your right (just after the Shell garage).  Turn right onto this dirt road and follow the signs to the camping site (1.8km from tar road).  

GENERAL INFORMATION.   There is electricity available for campers (caravan electrical sockets are needed).  Ablution facilities include hot showers, wheelchair facilities and a scullery.  Trees are still small so extra umbrellas would come in handy for hot days!  There is a small dam on site as well as the Mqeku river and waterfall where the adventurous may swim (at their own risk !!!!!).  Bird watching, cycling, hiking, bass fishing, tennis (3km from the park) and golf (15km, Noodsberg CC) are the main activities available.  There is a small tearoom at the Shell garage 2km away - open from 07h00 - 19h00 every day).

Contact Gary 0721186599 for more info.

My Pal Gabs.     By Eric McMillan 

His Zulu friends called him “Sheshisa”, meaning hurry up. This was evident when anything had to be done. It had to done now. This meant planning for trips a couple of months in advance and in detail down to where we were going to have breakfast and where we had to fuel up. This contrasted vastly to the way I operate and it must have been frustrating for him as I am pretty laid back when it comes to planning. Never the less, we enjoyed each other’s company and were in the process of planning a trip to the Kalahari and flowers, leaving towards the end of August.

Gabs loved the desert but he was not very enthusiastic about the flowers. One of the chirps I made to Les after I received the sad news was “Gabs should have told me he did not want to see the bloody flowers”.

We had many trips together and had a lot in common, we would sit by the campfire and Gabs would suddenly announce that he was going to park in the shade. This was his way of saying he was going to bed and it was amazing how soon after that he was snoring away. I am sure this kept the lion and hyena away at night. Usually I was left with a roaring campfire, which I had to put out as I had the fear of setting the whole of Botswana alight.

It was amazing what Gabs took on a trip as far as tools gadgets and foodstuffs were concerned. He even had a 12Volt electric soldering iron made from a glow plug. I must say the tools came in handy when something went wrong and it was very nice having freshly baked muffins in the bush.

Gabs had a passion for computers and GPS things and because of his impatience he wanted to get up the learning curve at breakneck speed. Son in law Fred said it was quite a task providing IT support over the phone and I can testify to that.

Gab and Les had traveled extensively and to places that most of just dream about, we had many long trips lined up, to the Luiwa Plains, Serengeti and Kaokaveld. Sadly I will probably also just dream about them. Lots of us are like this and you actually need somebody like Gabs to kick start you.

We are going to miss Gabs and words cannot express what I feel for Les, Karen and Melanie-Anne. One thing I did promise is that I would always be there for them.


We the committee of the LROC KZN work very hard to organize events, day trips, weekend trips, family outings, technical days, newsletters etc.  Many hours are spent every month to organize and plan these events for you the members (a lot of it at our own cost).  All we ask in return is to help us know what type of events you enjoy so that we can endeavour to satisfy all of your needs within the club.  Questionnaires were sent to you all and only 23 members have bothered to return them.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give us just 10 minutes of your time and return the completed forms.  If you no longer have the forms, we will be sending them out to everyone again in about a weeks time.  If you have already returned yours, we thank you and there is no need to return again.  If your name is not  listed below then we have not received your questionnaire.

Wayne Bolton, Helmut Bogner, John Chambers, Mike Cullen, Gary Clinton, Ron Claasens, Rob de Robillard, Joe de Bruin, Gunther Kanz, Simon Konyn, Lyle Lange, Greg Labuscagne, Bob Lemon, Fred Meyer, Eric McMillan, Gavin McKenzie, Mike Lauterbach, Gravin Phyfer, Peter Tiedt, Gary van Schoor, Lloyd Wing, George Goswell and Les Williams.

A big thank you to the above members who have made an effort.

New road links bush and beach     07/08/2006 17:11  - (SA)

St Lucia - The opening of a new entrance to the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park this Friday will provide tourists with just a one-hour drive between the bush and the beach. The opening of the Ophansi entrance bridge over the Mkhuze River in
KwaZulu-Natal marks a milestone in the development of both the park and the tourism route of the Lubombo spatial development initiative (SDI), said park spokesperson Roland Vowerk.
"The new entrance bridge makes it possible to enjoy a unique beach-and-bush tourism experience, as only one hour's drive separates uMkhuze's unique wildlife experience from Sodwana Bay's world-class beaches and diving," he said.
The Lebombo SDI is a cross-border collaboration that aims to develop previously neglected areas that straddle northern KZN, southern Swaziland and southern Mozambique.
"The link provides, for the first time, an all-weather access road for communities and increases the economic opportunities via tourism," said Vowerk.
The Greater St Lucia Wetland Park is South Africa's third-largest park and includes the entire Kosi Bay and St Lucia lake systems as well as the Mkhuze game reserve.
The diversity of the wetlands earned the park World Heritage Site status in 2000.

...and the winner is:      Auto Express Best off-roader 2006....

DISCOVERY 3 HONOURS CONTINUE    John Edwards, managing director, Land Rover UK added: "It's fantastic that the Discovery 3 has proved yet again its versatility and staying-power in an increasingly competitive sector, with this, its 77th award off experts from around the world."

Whether towing, mountain climbing, family carrying or simply taking the sting out of the daily commute, the Discovery never fails to impress. Champion for the second year, the big Brit has an unmatched range of abilities which set it apart from class rivals.
With a spacious seven-seat layout and well planned storage areas, it's highly practical, while the intuitive Terrain Response control knob, cabin ambience and excellent refinement mean the Land Rover is also user-friendly, adaptable and great to live with. That's not to say it's faultless, though: even if you take the eco-friendly route and select the TDV6 diesel, as do the vast majority of buyers, you'll be lucky to top 25mpg, and acceleration is sluggish due to the heavy kerbweight.
However, legendary off-road ability, a commanding driving position and a vast, robust cabin give the sense that the Disco can handle anything. And the good news doesn't end there; Land Rover has a class-leading image, and solid residuals mean it's a safe place for your money. Forget MPV's - this is the ultimate multi-purpose vehicle

2nd place = Merc ML
3rd place = Audi Q7

Ford may sell Land Rover and Jaguar 08.06.2006

LONDON (AFX) - Ford Motor Co may sell four-wheel drive car maker Land Rover and luxury car unit Jaguar as part of a shake-up of the US automotive giant, a report said.
Ford's senior management, led by chairman and chief executive Bill Ford Junior, is considering packaging the two marques together and selling a majority stake in them to a financial investor, according to the Sunday Times.
Ford would retain a minority holding in the two companies and maintain technical and supply links with them, the report said.
Last week, the number two-car maker in the
US expanded a major recall, reported a doubling of second-quarter losses and for the first time, fell behind Toyota in US vehicle sales.
It has hired a former Wall Street merger and acquisitions specialist as a strategic adviser to help it draw up a plan to combat sluggish sales, rising costs and ferocious competition from Asian rivals.
A spokesman for Ford
UK confirmed that its US parent had appointed consultant Ken Leet, a former Goldman Sachs and Bank of America banker, to carry out a review of its worldwide operations, but declined to comment further.
'Over and above that, everything else is speculation,' he said.
Land Rover is based at
Solihull in the West Midlands and Jaguar has plants at Castle Bromwich in Birmingham and at Halewood on Merseyside.
They form part of the Premier Automotive Group, Ford's UK-based luxury cars unit, which also includes Aston Martin and Volvo.


We are planning a trip down the Transkei Coast, keeping as close to the coast as possible.  There are a lot of tracks, shipwrecks, good fishing spots etc on “tracks 4 Africa” and we will be using a GPS to navigate all the way to the great Kei River, which we will cross by ferry.  We will be travelling for approximately 3 hours per day between campsites.  The balance of the day will be spent exploring, fishing, swimming etc.  Camping will be very rustic so bring all.

For more information contact Gary on 031-2666503 or cell 0721186599.

Shu Shu Weekend 21st – 23rd July 2006-07-25,  Sue McKenzie

Friday: Gavin and I met up with Gary and Cheryldene and Helmut and Angelina in Westville at 0830; Gary in his Isuzu Bakkie that thinks she’s a Land Rover. We headed along the N2 North (a Landy is so much easier to follow than a white Isuzu Bakkie) and we stopped for brekka at the Mvoti Toll Plaza and then turned off towards Stanger and onto Kranskop.

The Pass down to Shu Shu was slow going due to a badly broken up tar road, 80% pothole, 20% tar. On arrival we discovered the Foot Up Club had beaten us to it, Gary was not impressed as he had been informed that they were coming the following weekend. We set up camp as far away from them as possible. Bob and Dianne Lemon arrived and told us we had camped in the worst place and would more than likely be robbed blind and they went off to join the Foot Ups. Andrew Mason soon joined us, as did Gunter and Ilse Kanz arriving with their trailer and proceeding to erect the Taj Mahal on top of it. It was comforting to know that we would all have shelter should the rains come. 

By mid afternoon we were relaxing in the hot springs when a Rescue Landy arrived with a green light on top and who should it be but Darryl and Gita all the way from Germiston with their 3 dogs, Nungi a black Labrador, and Kai and Breena, black Belgium Shepherds. They soon made their presence known and we all felt much safer. By sun down we had a braai and campfire going and then a bottle of Sinister red snake juice was produced, which followed us back into the pools after supper. We remembered Gaby and how he enjoyed Shu Shu, and then it was time for bed, Andrew with difficulty guided the first G. over the narrow path back to camp whilst the 2nd G. was stretched out comfortably on the rocks. He then gallantly went back to assist the 2nd G. who now realised that his legs weren’t cooperating either. Both were in Big trouble and didn’t feel very well on Saturday. Gunter was innocent.

Saturday we explored the island seeing the remains of the clay ovens and tables made by the locals for the families who come annually for 6 weeks and had just left. One of the Foot Up clan had a helicopter so we were glad not to be camping nearby at take off and landing. Apparently from the air they could see several large crocs about 1 Km up stream.

All weekend the local women and children arrived at the pools just after sunrise and spent each day washing bucketful’s of clothes, the kids playing and swimming around us, and then leaving at sunset. Each morning and evening we had a herd of cattle through camp as we were situated on their path. On occasion our peace was shattered by the noise of motorcycles and Quads. We spent most of the day in the pools and amazingly the two older dogs didn’t mind the heat but the puppy wasn’t too happy. That evening we were on our best behavior and again enjoyed a lovely big fire and a loll in the pools after supper.

The rain did come during the night and Sunday morning was overcast. The water in the pools had got progressively hotter and by Sunday one couldn’t stay in for more than a few minutes at a time. The sun came out enough to dry our tents and we packed up and left at noon heading slowly up the pass. Andrew went home via Greytown, Daryl and Gita back to Jo’burg, and the rest of us made a detour to the view sight of the Kop. Unfortunately it was too hazy to get a clear view.

Excerpt from T.V. Bulpin: Towering over the wide valley of the Tugela River is the 1,175 meter Kranskop called by the Zulu’s iTshelika Ntunjambili (the rock with two holes). The Zulu’s have a myth about young girls who, weary of carrying water from the river, asked the mountain to give them sanctuary. It obliged by opening a great cavern and tempting them inside with sounds of revelry. Once in the cavern the entrance closed and they were seen no more.

We stopped for lunch at Mvoti and headed home, another fantastic outing with the club, another new experience for us, Thanks Gary and Cheryldene.

A Northern Territory Australia farm hand, radios back to his boss,the farm manager.      "Boss, I gotta big problem here. I hit a pig with the pickup. The pig's ok but he's stuck in the bull bar at the front of my pickup and is wriggling & squealing so much I can't get him out". The manager says "OK there's a 303 behind the seat, take it out and shoot the pig in the head & you'll be able to remove him".  Five minutes later the farm hand calls back. "I did as you said boss.  Took the 303 and shot the pig in he head and removed him from the bull-bars.  No problem there, but I still can't go on."

"Now what's the problem?" raged the manager..     "Well Boss, its his motor bike. The flashing blue light is stuck under the right front wheel arch...…………….You still there boss!!!

DEFENDER 110 CSW 2002 FSH, COLOUR ENVY GREEN IMMACULATE CONDITION, EXTRAS L/RANGE TANK, BULL BAR, WARN 9000I WINCH, FULL BRAKAH ALUMIUM ROOF RACK AND SPOT LIGHTS,   PRICE Neg  CONTACT ALLEN CULLEN   0836548567      HOME    031 9161997 2002 Discovery GS TD5 It is in excellent condition with FSH ( Landrover PMB) and has done 117 000 Km .It is metalic blue and has towbar and CD shuttle. All I want for a speedy sale is what I owe on it which is about R155 000.    John Christie Tel:     033-8459700   Fax:    033-8459740   Cell:    083 631 1303
1996 Discovery - V8 auto ES,  Chev vortec 350 5.7 L    Edelbrock manifold    R60,000.00 Contact Peter   0825564816 Defender Bush Bar good condition, new value R3300, my value R1500 Contact Shaun Palmer on 0723649800
I have 4 std mag wheels from my previous Defender with Bridgestone 285 / 75  all terrain tyres. They have at least 90/95% thread left on them. I am asking R2500.00 each = R10 000.00    Dave James   0825583216   031 20251451 W Zero 35 litre 3-way (220v/12v/gas) Fridge/Freezer.   Excellent condition and hardly used (now have a Waeco).   R1500.    Phone Peter Tiedt 083 409 5956
2000 LAND ROVER DISCOVERY TD5 ES Blue 130 000 km, Diesel, 4x4, 5 Doors, Manual, Premium Stereo, Immac. Cond. Alarm, FSH, Air con, CD, PS, factory fitted heavy duty Tow Bar, 2 X Sunroof, Immobiliser, Central Locking, E/Windows, Alloys, one careful owner. Tracker installed.  Kwazulu Natal.  Tel: 0837837383 or 0317647046.   Price R149000.00 onco  Robert 2.25 lt Land Rover Petrol Engine  Low Mileage  R 4000.00   2.5 lt Land Rover Petrol Engine in Good Nik Complete (Carb a bit suspect) R5500.00   Tom Geldart   082 920 9134
A friend of mine sold his Range Rover and has 4 rims for sale:  Here are the hard stampings on the rims  --Tubeless STC 8516  - 8x18x57  AH2 -E-Dot -AWI/K Land Rover 430 -BS AU 50 PT 25.5 -Max Load 920 kg    -Price / set: R 4,000.00      Ron Claassens   Tel/fax: 0317675544   Cell: 0824454010 Series 2 109 last licence 2003 for R15 000.00 onco. Contact number 033 3869241(office hours) Don Sampson
1981 pickup. 3L V6 Ford engine. Standard Gearbox. Ex police from Weenen.Pretty good nick. stainless steel exhausts. Mechanically good. R25,000 ono   Contact Tremaine Gouws 083 9775485 4 more details

1996 TDI pick up, White, 210,000klm on the clock. Serviced and maintained by Palm Service station Glen Anil, Ronaldo road.  Asking price R45,000 ONO  Tel Geoff Johns  082 557 1814    031 562 9699
1987 110 V8 PUP. Galvanised chassis and firewall. Very clean cond. R45000.00 LT 95 4 speed gearbox ex Range Rover classic  R4500.00   Series 111 bonnet  R400.00      Series 111 rear door   R500.00     Series 111S Salisbury rear diff  R2000.00   Series 111S Rover front diff   R1000.00
Series 111S  R6 starter motor  any offers.    Contact Paul Chantler  0837447072
Series 3 109" station wagon with tropical roof, rolling chassis and body for sale. Body is separate from chassis and has had all previous paint removed and is at bare aluminium ready for painting. Includes a full-length roof rack (wood and steel). R12 000 onco. James. 072 114 5129. Email

Towbar for Land Rover Freelander, with detachable hitch. Previously fitted to my 1999 Freelander, but will possibly fit earlier model Freelander Td4s. R600-00 onco.   Phone Kevin 031-765 7102 or 0828868811
Series 3 LWB, bakkie with full hard top roof. Rebuilt in 2001.  Spare canopy and tailgate incl. R26500.00 ONCO, contact Leonard 0833385976. 2002 Land Rover Defender TD5 CSW 110 White. With Al. roof rack. 175000Km Excellent Condition with full service record. R185000 ONCO.  Phone: 0836298066.  Cameron Palmer
Genuine Land Rover Discovery 1/2 half-length roof rack (1.35m) - R800.  Also have load bars suitable for mounting roof top tent.  Contact Mervyn Gans  Cell: 082 900-3773 or Discovery2. White, ES model (so it has all the features), TD5, 47,000km on the clock, Goodrich tyres, has a DVD player in it.  R255,000    Derek Ridgard   031 7023452 (phone)  Cell 082 6515144
I would like to buy a used roof rack for the Defender as well as roof top tents.  John Christie Tel:     033-8459700   Fax:    033-8459740   Cell:    083 631 1303

Range Rover Tail Gate Top Half.  With or without the glass window.  George Goswell 0836581324
I am looking for the following
Roll bar, Tailgate, Load-bin tarpaulin, 1996 Def bakkie 110.   Can anybody help?
Contact   Abel

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