August 2005

SHU SHU July 2005 

Shu Shu is one of those spots that does not appeal to all. All it offers is, a lovely flat camp area next to the Tugela river surrounded by scenic hills, natural hot springs, enough hiking trails to explore for a month, easy 2 ½ hour drive from Durban, 4x4 trails down the river to suit all grade of driver, lovely weather, good company etc etc. Sounds like a lousy place.

Its going to be developed soon and will be lost to the folk who want a place away close to home yet far enough from the crowds, to get away from it all over a weekend.

The weekend, 6 vehicles made the trip, 1x V8 Range Rover, 1x Series 11A pup, 1x 90 TD5, 1x 110 TD5, 1x 110 Tdi and my Series 111S. Left home at 14h30 on Friday and returned home after 15min with a spluttering Landy. The short story is that I finally left for Shu Shu at 18h00 with a Landy running well.

Up early on Saturday and went for a bike ride down the river to the bridge, crossed over and explored the trails on the other side. Returned to camp about 10.30 after a ride of about 60km for breakfast. After lunch Gary in the TD5 90, Bob in the V8 Range Rover, Bob’s friend in a Toyota and my Series 111S went for a drive down stream. We followed a trail as close to the rivers edge as possible. The trail had a few rocky sections, soft sand, some banks but very little mud. Gary went a little to close to the edge of the water and, well the picture says all. A pull with a snatch strap had the 90 free.

Sunday had the group going up stream to explore a huge old fig tree with its center hollowed out. From here we did the down stream river trail again, not wanting to rush back to camp as the weekend was almost over and the dreaded packing up waited us at camp.

Some went for a drive, some hiked the Island, some spent a lot of time in the hot pools and I swam in the cold river. Good weather, scenic venue and excellent company what more can I say.


Robin Horne                                      New Germany      1964 Series 11A, 1973 Series 111

Dave and Dee Aitken                          Hillcrest                 1997 Tdi 90 pup,  1996 Tdi 90 County,  2005 TD5 110 DC,  2001 TD5 Disco

Wayne and Nikki Bolton                     Durban                  2005 TD5 110

Ron Claasens                                     Gillitts                     2003 TD5 Disco

Remember it’s your club and you will get out of it what you want to. You have purchased THE BEST 4 x 4 x FAR and now its time to use it. See you at the next club event.

LROC Club Dates For Your Diary

When What, where More Info.


????? Lesotho snow trip

Very little snow above Sani at present. Still waiting and hoping that the snow makes a late entry this year.

3 / 4

28 August Cars in the Park, Toti

Bring your old or new Land Rover and join other club members at “Toti Cars In The Park”. A byo braai for lunch at the LROC stand. Full catering available along with, a display of old and new cars, a flee market and outdoor/camping displays. Give Henry a call for more info.


10 September Watervale Lodge Inchanga

A recovery demo  followed by a braai and Land Rover video’s. Come along and see how to recovery the Landy when stuck. How to use the Hi Lift jack, snatch straps, winch etc etc. The braai is on the club SO PLEASE CONTACT GEORGE BEFORE 28 AUGUST  if you will be there. No reservation NO braai.


October Venue to be announced

An event along the same lines as the Broadleaze event we ran last year. It’s a fun event suitable for the whole family.  More info to follow.

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8 October Watervale Lodge Inchanga.

2nd annual Watervale Lodge Land Rover vs Toyota Challenge. WANTED  Land Rovers to take part in the challenge. Both standard and modified required.  Give George a call for more info.

4 / 5

November Venue to be announced

A Club Gates event . More info to follow.

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25 – 27 November Hidden Valley, Mooi River

As an end of year away trip Hidden Valley has it all. Fishing, tubing, 4x4 track etc. Give George or Henry a call for more info.

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27 – 31 December Lesotho Ongeluksnek

Up Ongeluksnek pass, down Maphooaneng pass, follow the Quthing river and onto Seforong Gorge, Senque valley and then back via Mphaki and down  Ongeluksnel Pass. Give George a call if interested.

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January 2006 Duzi Canoe , Umgeni Valley

An early call to any one who is interested in being involved in the biggest canoe race in the world. The LROC KZN marshals at various points down the river over the 3 days. Come for a day, come for 3 days and camp over in the valley and be part of  THE DUZI. Give Henry a call for more info.

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NON LROC ORGANISED EVENTS but worth supporting. Give George a call if more info is required. 

20 August Idwala Estate Shongweni

A 4x4 club challenge . Good spectator event. Catering and bar available.

4 / 5

23-25 Sep Hidden Valley Mooi River

Southern Cross festival. More info to follow.

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 TRAIL GRADING All our events from now on will have a Trail Grading according to the 5 grades below. 

1.        Complete novice soft dirt road trail, no low range required. Suitable for all Land Rovers including the Freelander.

2.       Limited low range required but suitable for the novice driver. Suitable for all Land Rovers with certain trails not suitable for the Freelander.

3.       Low range and limited off road knowledge required. Suitable for all Land Rovers except the Freelander.

4.       A low range technical trail suitable for the experienced. The inexperienced will be able to do the trail, as assistance will be available from the more experienced members. Suitable for all Land Rovers except the Freelander.

5.       Extremely technical, suitable for the experienced only with the possibility of vehicle damage. Only suitable for "Series" Land Rovers.  Ha Ha

Sorry, but I just don’t get it !!!

My once loving and attentive husband has been taken over by a Land Rover obsessed alien. He has even named the new love in his life. Its called “Muffin”, and it’s a brown 20 year old 110 County station, with more problems than I would like to think about. When we went to buy “muffin” my husband coo-ed and ah-ed over the big brown shed on large wheels. He pawed all over it, under it and inside it almost lustfully. I felt strangely uncomfortable.

It was not so strange that he bought the big brown shed on wheels for the full asking price, then proceeded to thank the previous owner for allowing us to buy it and promising to give it a good home. I was waiting for him to say “if you are ever passing our house call in and …..” but I had to be thankful for that small mercy. 

For my own part, I have to admit I was wooed over with promises of lots camping holidays and being able to take days out with the kids and all the dogs.

One problem I should have seen coming a mile away was during our initial viewing, I happened to make mention that it did not have a radio. At that moment I swear I saw a wry, almost knowing glance exchanged between seller and buyer. I have now realised the obvious, when driving you could not hear a radio if you had a 200 watt speaker lashed to each ear !

It took us a day to notice the suspect battery, the dead alternator and the corroded wires leading to the lights. Teething problems, hubby assures me, all Land Rovers have them. I find this a difficult concept to grasp, but maybe its character building or something ? The worst thing about Muffin is when its going. If you can get it to go faster than 100 it rattles your teeth and eyeballs loose. Anyway, a new alternator and battery was ordered and arrived as quick as a flash, but not as quickly as the money disappeared from our bank account.

I can’t remember the last time Mark spent so much time on me without the need for a sit down and have a strong drink. Even worse was when I found his list of improvements for Muffin. If you rolled out a toilet roll it would not equal the list.

Muffin produces a cacophony of unusual sounds. There’s an underlying deep rumble, a sort of regular clunking, an irregular clicking and a weird growling thudding thing that happens on corners. No wonder there’s no radio!

Then there are our neighbours, some I’ve never actually had a conversation with, who have hurried over to talk about our new shed on wheels. Then , they reminisce about their own “sheds”, now long gone. I am almost speechless!!

Now after all this you might think I hate Muffin, but you’d be wrong. I have met more people in car parks, greeted more people with a flash of the headlights and driven the centre of attraction on many an occasion. I have never seen my husband so happy. He tinkers under the bonnet daily, chats to other “shed” owners on the internet and plans adventures for us. He is easy to find and constantly tends to our investment like a new baby, and if he’s happy……. Then I’m happy.

Land Rover South Africa to select Challengers for Adventure of a lifetime

On the 18th August 2005 male and female competitors from around the country will be put to the test to determine who will represent South Africa in the 2006 Land Rover G4 Challenge; a global adventure that will take place over a four week period and travel through Thailand, Laos, Brazil and Bolivia.

30 men and women with a thirst for adventure will meet in KwaZulu Natal to compete in the National Selection event; a test of initiative, strategic thinking, team spirit, 4x4 driving, physical fitness and adventure skills.

The selections are designed to test every aspect of the competitor’s character and ensure they have what it takes to compete against, and work alongside, competitors from 17 other nations over a gruelling four week schedule of adventure competition

Just three applicants (including at least one female) will emerge from the National Selections and progress to the International Selections Event to be held at Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire, UK, the ‘home of Land Rover’ on January 29-February 4, 2006, where the leading competitor per nation will be selected to take part in the 2006 Land Rover G4 Challenge. 

Commencing on 23 April 2006, The Land Rover G4 Challenge is a global adventure that puts strategy, stamina and skill to the test with 4x4 driving and multi sport challenges that include mountain biking, kayaking, climbing, orienteering and abseiling.  The action unfolds amid both remote areas of outstanding natural beauty and dramatic urban cityscapes.

The inaugural Land Rover G4 Challenge took place in April 2003 and journeying through remote USA, South Africa and Australia, proved itself as one of the toughest, most spectacular adventure challenges in the world.

In 2006, the Challenge returns with even more adventure as the route extends into four remote, demanding and culturally diverse locations. Starting in Thailand with an urban competition in Bangkok, the Challenge will leave the city and move deep into Southeast Asia’s heartland with remote action in Laos, the ‘Jewel of the Mekong’. From Laos the Challenge sweeps across the globe to South America and the world-famous Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. After the energy and glamour of Brazil the ultimate destination is Bolivia, a rugged and beautiful land that will take the competitors upwards into the Andes and onwards through eerie salt plains of Salar de Uyuni to a Challenge climax at an altitude of over 4000m

Thomas Viehweg, President Premier Automotive Group, commented: “Our aim is to inspire a sprit of adventure and we are thrilled to have a great field of competitors all eager to represent South Africa in this truly global challenge. The National Selections provide the opportunity for successful applicants to sample the spirit of the Challenge and take part in some of the physical and mental competitions that form the backbone of the event. For these adventure enthusiasts, this is the first stage towards the experience of a lifetime.” 

The nations to be represented in the 2006 Land Rover G4 Challenge are:

·         Argentina

·         Germany

·         Russia

·         Australia

·         Greece

·         South Africa

·         Belgium

·         Ireland

·         Spain

·         Brazil

·         Italy

·         Taiwan

·         Chile & Costa Rica

·         Japan

·         Turkey

·         France

·         Netherlands

·         United Kingdom

For further details on The Land Rover G4 Challenge, the South African National Selection and to inquire about media participation please contact:

Lesley Sutton
Land Rover South Africa
Tel: (012) 842 3219 or 083 233 4812

For more information log-on to the Land Rover G4 Challenge online press room at


Vice Chairman               Adrian Moore     ( still a member )

Treasurer                       Robert Humphry

Clerk of Events              Louis Powell      ( still a member )

Secretary                      Marius Strydom

March 1994 to February 1997                  Rob Symons

March 1997 to February 1999                  Dennis Jordan

March 1999 to February 2001                  Des Dandridge

March 2001 to Febraury 2003                  Eric Mc Millan

March 2003 to date                                George Goswell

All the past chairman are still members of the LROC KZN.

The Land Rover Song
(To the tune of the Irish folk song "Wild Rover".)

I’ve owned a Land Rover for many a year
I use it to carry my whisky and beer
When we're on safari with Rovers galore
We all give three cheers for this great 4 x 4

And it’s no, nay, never, no nay never no more
Will I sell my Land Rover, no never, no more

I bought a Toyota to go to South West
But wasn’t convinced that it really was best

I tried a Suzuki but threw it away

‘Cos a Land Rovers better, so what do you say


My bearings are buggered, the swivel pins too
The steering it wobbles, my problems are few
The leaks from the gear box and diff are so slow
So I'll check all the levels when the damn thing won’t go


A Range Rovers faster, but uses more fuel
The people who drive them they look rather cool
It’s from the same stable but has better springs
But let’s face it folks it’s just not the real thing


A Forward Control doesn’t look quite so nice
But they used to be had for a very good price
Some of us think they do have their charms!
Just take a good look at "The Old Charlton Arms"


At rallies the Shorties they always come first
But the drivers all seem to develop a thirst
Series Ones, Twos and Threes all have their own place
And now the One Tens are the first in the race


I bought an old Landy and stripped with  care
A 2A from Solihull is really quite rare
But how to repair it I asked in the Pub
They said to apply to the Land Rover Club


The Landy Club members were quite a surprise
They all seemed to be such a nice bunch of guys
It’s thanks to them that I now know much more
About the Land Rover, that great 4 x 4 


While we are singing there’s one thing to say
I’m sure we're all loving our wonderful stay
It’s thanks to you all that I know so much more
About the Land Rover – that great  4 x 4


Note: This song was the work of Jake Pressly and Steve Shelly by all accounts and developed at an LROC of SA function in the then Eastern Transvaal,  some time back. The reference to the "Old Charlton Arms" is the nickname given to a member's FC that was so frequented as a pub that at one time members tried to get into the Guiness Book of Records by cramming as many people as possible in, each holding a beer!!.   The last couple of lines have been slightly adapted for local use.

Did You Know 

July 2005 : Local assembly of the Land Rover Defender in the Silverton (Pretoria) facility of the Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa (FMCSA) will cease at the end of 2005.  From December 2005 Defender production for South
Africa will return to Solihull, the Land Rover plant in UK.......
........  The product offering and price positioning in South Africa will not be affected by the change in manufacturing strategy." 

We have all heard of the Zippo Trick to re-seat a tyre. Here is a video that actually shows how it is done. They use LPG gas of sorts, probably from a gas lighter refill canister.

Land Rover Clubs in the UK : Total number of members

Series 1 Club                             2300

Series 11 Club                           1000

Range Rover Club                      600

Freelander                                 300

101 Forward control                    600

ex Camel trophy vehicles            100

Light Weight                              300

Ex Military Land Rovers              500

Series 111 & Defender                1000



I have a 1966 Series 2A 109" hardtop with a badly rusted chassis. The vehicle is in exceptionally original condition, all body panels intact and straight. The vehicle was a runner when I parked it off about 10 years ago. I have a second hand chassis in excellent nick onto which I had intended to rebuild the vehicle. Sadly I now realise that I would have to live to be about 147 to have any chance of achieving that ambition! Make me a realistic offer. Contact Peter Bassett (031) 785 1190 (o) or (033) 347 1303 (h) Six cylinder sidevalve motor (turns but non runner) R500.00.    Plasma rope on special (8mm) only while stocks last!  Contact Tom Geldart on 0829209134 (Hillcrest) or e-mail
Series 111S R6 s/wagon. Rebuilt in 1999. What offers. Contact Larry 0825550912.

Series 3 LWB hardtop good condtion R26000 phone Bruce 0724238879

6x trailduster 15inch rims with tyres (yokahama super diggers (used)   one rim has a brand new firestone A.T.F with brand new rim price 2000.00 for the lot. 3 Landrover side steps in fair condition R200.00 eacha tow bar standard landrover 110 T.D.i R500.00  all above or nearest cash offer . tel Gaby Rayson ,032 4562327 cell :0846789789    cell :0837862327 Series S/W bin R 500 onco good condition .Forward control Chassis good condition ,haven't a clue what they go for .Forward control cab panels etc salvageable make an offer .One 2.6 side valve motor going for recycling unless some one is looking for a part of it. Contact Julian Budd
White high rise fibreglass canopy for LWB series 3 bakkie land rover ,R2500.00 ONCO.
PH: Leonard 031 7823375 or cell 0833385976

Discovery 2003 (facelift) TD5 XS Automatic, Vienna Green, Double sunroof, Removable tow bar , 98600 km complete maintenance history,  Price: R 260 000.00 negotiable.   Contact:  JC Botha  082 574 3712

Series 111S Bin -R1 700. Salisbury rear diff - R2 000. Rover front diff - R1 600. R6 starter motor - R300. I'll also have in a couple of weeks a set of 3:54 ratio S111 diffs and lwb hard top tropical roof with station wagon sides and back door. Contact : Paul Chantler  0837447072.

Series 11A swb. Running condition . R 10 000.00 onco Lloyd Wing 0836552778

Landrover Forward Control Fully equipped mobile camper: OUTSIDE: Full roof rack with lots of packing space, ±210 water tanks, ±210 petrol tanks, Safari Awning, Table, Nudge Bar, spots & Warn winch. INSIDE: Fridge, space for ±120l chest deep freezer, gas stove next to washing basis, gas geyser, gas shower with basin for shaving, double bed cum dinner table. 2 two-way radios, 1 FM with CD player 4 speakers. Lots of packing space.ENGINE: Solid and reliable Chevy 4.9 straight six engine, gearboxes and diffs are standard LR.  R68 950.00 ONCO. Vehicle is in Moreleta Park, Pretoria. SERIOUS BUYERS CONTACT: Johan van Niekerk 012-998-7714 A/H or 083 681 7476

Landrover 2.25 motor for sale. Complete running motor with alternator, new manifold and Weber carb and currently in my Landy with spare motor.  Just fit a clutch and pressure plate and go. I bought a 2.5 Landy motor  for my Series 3 SWB. The motor I'm selling is in very good condition. The motor was purchased not three months ago from Paul near Mooi River. R 3500.00. Freddie Beukmann  0828792681 


Land Rover 1972 SIIa 109" S/W. Lots of work and money spent on this vehicle.  Fitted with a UK manufactured Defender 2.5l 4cyl petrol engine (twin barrel Weber carb and unleaded head). Lots of extras: galvanised roofrack, dual fuel tanks, 2 Sparewheels, Rear sparewheel carrier,  free wheeling hubs, new Salisbury rear axle, R28 000 neg., price excludes rooftop tent.   Contact Gerd 072 182 6972 or 012 803 0142 (a/h).

Deepfreeze 12/220V Minus 40 - 115 litre. As new with travel bag. R 5500.00  onco. Keith Roach @ 083 763 3506

Landy 109 or 110 load bin to make into a trailer.  Contact Peter Bassett (031) 785 1190 (o) or (033) 347 1303 (h)

2.5Tdi CSW in good condition Contact Tom Geldart on 0829209134 (Hillcrest) or e-mail
Looking for a LWB Series chassis. Contact Norman Bird 031-5643179 (w) or 031-5724500 (h) 110 V8 Inlet manifold complete with SU carbs and all relevant attachments for the air cleaner system and carb linkages. Willing to purchase or to swop . I have a Oeffenhauser manifold with a two barrel Holley carb. Contact Paul Chantler 0837447072

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