March 2005

16th AGM of the Land Rover Owners Club KZN

The committee tried a different approach to the AGM this year with a weekend filled with events and a camp over. Arrived on Friday afternoon late and set up the Gates poles for the Saturday event. A little rain on Friday night did nothing to the quarry area that we use for the event. Saturday saw x5 SWB (3 Series, 2 Defender 90) , x10 LWB (3 Series, 6 Defenders, 1 Disco) and x1 130 Defender take on the obstacles. Not every one did all the obstacles but attempted the ones that they felt confident with. In the end the scores were close with Antony de Robillard  coming out tops in the SWB class and Ryan Goswell with top score in the LWB. He even beat me by 10 points. Next time we might have to bring in a few more technical obstacles as the scores were close. A BIG thanks to Gary and Cheryldene for removing the gates poles.

The AGM followed the Gates event and was well supported with about 50 people present. This year we carried on with the long membership certificates and the following were awarded.

Ken and Betty Gordon    25 years, Darryl and Gita Beck 25 Years, Bruce and Debra Townsend 20 years, Gordon and Elaine Guthrie 10 years, Richard and Patricia Thompson 10 years, Joe and Sharon de Bruin 10 years, and Darryl and Jayne Todd 10 years. Well done.

Last year we had one floating trophy , “The Chairmans Award” and this year we have a second trophy for “Newsletter Contribution”. Next year we will have a few more floating trophies.

The trophy for the newsletter went to Selwyn Ambler with 5 articles during the year. Ken and Betty Gordon are thanked for their contribution as well as they can always be counted on to produce an article when ever they go away. Thanks.

The “Chairmans Award” gave me a few sleepless nights as I struggled to put a name to it. Help from the committee was met with “you’re on your own.” The Week before the AGM I went through the committee meeting minutes, the reports on the trips that had been done, the membership list and my notes that I had made during the year. I was looking for  someone that had attended all the events, or had helped with the trips, or had done the recce, or had restored 5 Series vehicles during the year etc. Some one who eats, sleeps Land Rover and had contributed to the successful running of the LROC. Then it hit me, there were 2 people in the club that had done a lot towards the running the club from the “back seat”. Not just last year but for a few years now. Ryan and Jethro had done the recce trips and cut many a bush, moved rocks, cut banks, put up and taken down the Club tent when used, help set up and clear the gates events, done the Duzi and the Broadleaze bit etc etc.. When most had left and the rain was pouring they were out their getting dirty. Thanks Ryan and Jethro, Chairmans Award for 2004.  Committee for 2005 is as printed to the left. Out goes Fred Johnson and in comes Selwyn Ambler for Treasurer and Gary van Schoor member without portfolio.  Jimmy Oates takes over Regalia from Rob de Robillard who moves to Vice Chairman, Henry Cochrane re-elected events, Dave King re-elected Secretary and myself re-elected Chairman. No change to the rest of the committee as the members had only stood for 1 year.  Thanks to Fred and the rest of the committee members for the effort they put in during the last year. Welcome to the new members on the committee.

The only complaint I have from the weekend is that a few people had breakfast on Sunday am and walked off with out paying.

Thanks to the Eston Farmers Club for the use of the excellent venue.

“Which of these are you “ Nicked from the Eston Farmers Club. 

Some members keep a club so strong, while others join just to belong. Some dig right in, serve with pride, some go along just for the ride. Some volunteer to do their share while some lie back and just don’t care. Some do their best, some help, some make, and some do nothing, only take. Some greet members with a smile and make their coming so worthwhile, while some go on their merry way, no greeting or kind word to say. Some help the group to grow and grow , when asked to help they don’t say “NO”,. Some drag, some pull, some don’t, some do, consider “which of these are you???”


Graeme and Nicole Poulsom                           Scottburgh                                            Series 111 5 door 3.5 V8
Antony de Robillard                                             Gillitts                                                     Defender 90 TDI
Richard Cullen                                                     St Winifreds                                          Series 111 SWB SW

Remember it’s your club and you will get out of it what you want to. You have purchased THE BEST 4 x 4 x FAR and now its time to use it. See you at the next club event.

LROC Club Dates For Your Diary

When What, where More Info.


19-21 March Darkest Africa - Weenen

Darkest Africa is on the banks of the Bushmans River outside Weenen (Escort). Plenty to do with +/- 30km of driving trails, fishing, hiking trails, bird watching, tubing on the river etc.  Camping at R40.00 pppn.  See below for more info or give Henry Cochrane a call.

1 / 2

17 April Inanda Dam Area.   

A scenic drive up through the Umgeni Valley following the Duzi route past Inanda Dam. More info to follow. Contact George for more info.

1 / 2

30 April – 1 May Hells Gate, St Lucia.

Stay in the Military Camp at Hells Gate on Lake St Lucia. More info to follow. Contact Don Erwin for more info.

1 / 2

15 May Cars in the Park, PMB

WANTED SERIES Land Rovers to display on the day. The aim is to display a complete line up of vehicles from the early years up to the present. NOT ONLY FOR THE SERIES LANDIES , all members are invited to attend. Come along for the day and view the vehicles on display. Show off your vehicle and enjoy a day mixing with other members and enjoy a BYO braai. Fires will be provided.  Contact Don Erwin or George for more info.


May Venue to be announced

The second Club Gates event for 2005. More info to follow.

3 / 4

August Venue to be announced

The third Club Gates event for 2005. More info to follow.

3 / 4

October Venue to be announced

The fourth Club Gates event for 2005. More info to follow.

3 / 4











NON LROC ORGANISED EVENTS but worth supporting. Give George a call if more info is required. 

5 March

4x4 Challenge

Watervale Lodge, Inchanga.

Come along and watch the different 4x4 vehicles take on the different obstacles. Full bar and catering available.

19 March

Sugar Belt 400. Eston Farmers Club

National Off Road race. For anyone interested in 4x4 vehicles and racing this is the event that you do not want to miss. Good spectator points and full bar and catering at the start/finish.

29 April – 1 May Hidden Valley, Mooi River

Actively Outdoor Festival.     Live Expo of outdoor activities, vehicles, adventure and entertainment along with demonstrations and displays. Contact Roy 0824140910 or Dave 033-2631470 for more info

4 June

National 4x4 Challenge, Park Rynie area.

National Challenge which means that the big boys will be down from up north. Motor Sport of SA sanctioned event and hosted by the 4x4 Club of KZN. Full bar and catering available.

All our events from now on will have a Trail Grading according to the 5 grades below.

  1. Complete novice soft dirt road trail, no low range required. Suitable for all Land Rovers including the Freelander.
  2. Limited low range required but suitable for the novice driver. Suitable for all Land Rovers with certain trails not suitable for the Freelander.
  3. Low range and limited off road knowledge required. Suitable for all Land Rovers except the Freelander.
  4. A low range technical trail suitable for the experienced. The inexperienced will be able to do the trail, as assistance will be available from the more experienced members. Suitable for all Land Rovers except the Freelander.
  5. Extremely technical, suitable for the experienced only with the possibility of vehicle damage. Only suitable for "Series" Land Rovers.  Ha Ha

DARKEST AFRICA – Weenen 19-21 March 2005

Directions : Take the N3 up through the Mooi River toll and onto Escort. Take the Escort turn off and proceed through the town of Escort and out the other side on the R103. About 2.5 km outside Escort is a turn off to the right, Weenen / Weenen Game Reserve. Travel along this road for about 25km until the T junction with the R74. Here you turn right and will pass the entrance to the game reserve on your right. The town of Weenen is about 10km along the R74. As you come into Weenen there  is a petrol garage on the left, here you turn left and follow the dirt road for about 17/20km. Keep right at the fork  “Tugela Estates”  and cross the river. The turn off to Darkest Africa is to the right after the bridge.  If required to travel up with other members or would prefer to meet at the garage in Weenen then give Henry or George a call.

NOTE : The support for Darkest Africa has been weak up to now. Without more members on the trip the trip will be cancelled. Contact Henry for more info.

A few pictures from the AGM weekend
















So how do you choose your mate for life?  It’s an age old question and the answer is probably worth a fortune. I’ve had the solution for a good few years and now I’ve decided to share it with my fellow LROC members.

It started late one night, we were well into a case of  Mr. Glass’s best brew. Steven mumbled something about something he’d seen hidden under a tree at a job he’d been working on earlier that day. “Looked like some one tried to bury a garrie under a tree” he said.             The red flag was raised and the bull charged in….     

What colour was it? What series? 109 or 88? All my questions were met with the same reply: “I dunno, go look for yourself, now pass me another beer”

The next morning I was at the address given. There, totally buried in a pile of rotting leaves under a plain tree, was the 109 series 2 station wagon. It didn’t take much negotiating to take it off the man’s hands. I was after all clearing up his yard for him.       Steven came along to help and that weekend we got it started. Okay it didn’t have an accelerator - nor brakes, but we got the hand brake to work (in a manner of speaking) Oh yes, and here’s the point of the story, - It didn’t have a roof!!

I connected two wire coat hangers together and led the wire from the driver’s side rear-view mirror under the bonnet and hooked it onto the throttle linkage. Now I had an accelerator and a hand brake what more could a man ask for? I had wheels and could now travel. What a release to be able to go out at night under my own steam. But trouble lay ahead! This was no babe magnet. The girls were not impressed. I had umpteen complaints about being windswept, tangled hair, cold, wet, - you name it. The fact is, in the courtship dance, the Landy was a liability!

I had to leave my topless chariot in Natal whilst I moved to Cape Town to study (ha ha) and party. Having spent a lot of time on the latter and very little on the former, eventually all the hard work paid off and I secured a steady date.

Jenni was all I had hoped for and more, but critically she hadn’t met (nor heard of) my other half yet, which was languishing under a tree in Natal. Come the holidays she would be put to the test.!

I timed my arrival at the airport to perfection.  As Jenni walked out of the arrivals hall I pulled up in my topless green love machine. “Oh wow”!  she said (I think dumbstruck is the correct adjective).  Then came the words I’d been waiting to hear “This is going to be fun. Thank goodness she doesn’t have a roof; it’s so humid here in Durban!”

We were married 6 months later and the rest, as they say, is history.

So, fellow club members, now you know my secret, and it works believe me.

Help Help Help 

My name is Dan Shotwell,and I live in New Jersey/U.S.A.

I finally bought my dream vehicle last July from a man named James Abner (from Arizona/U.S.A.)  I bought the Series III after finding it for sale on e-bay. His e-bay add said he lived in South Africa, moved to the states with the rover, and had no more room for it. I bought the truck, and shipped it to new jersey. I asked him for more history or pictures and he said he would get back to me. I never got a call back from him, and his number is no longer active. I also found copies of title/registration papers under the seat that make me think he bought the rover from someone in Arizona a year earlier. I am starting to think he lied to me and never lived in south Africa at all. I love my rover, and would like to know its history. I am writing you because the truck came with your clubs sticker on the side back window. the sticker is my best clue to solving this mystery. if you could print this in your news letter or help me in any way that would be great. 

Other clues:  vin # S3684,  It has a Chevy 292 motor,    it is ex-military with a top put on, it was made in south Africa in 1977.  It  had S.African change under the seat from 1995.  Here are some  pictures I took yesterday. Colour is tan. seats are gray cloth.  The only changes I made were the addition of two more lights on top, a  shovel on the back, the gas cans for the slots, and some stickers.   pictures enclosed.

My e-mail is and my tele.# is 1.732.775.0003  THANK YOU AGAIN.

Dan Shotwell South Belmar new jersey 07719, U.S.A.

Reminder        Reminder       Reminder  
The LROC KZN year runs from January to December, which means that your subscription for the year 2005 is now over-due. Subs are R120.00 per member per annum. If you have paid your subs for 2005 and not yet received your 2005 membership card please contact the  Membership Secretary, Cheral Adkin. If you have not paid your subs please do so before the end of March 2005 to continue receiving the newsletter.


Hi all LROCKZN members,
We have a number of very good deals on Land Rover parts and accessories at present. We have also recently sourced a batch of hard to find parts for older vehicles. Please visit our web site at or call us on 031 709 9213 if we can assist in any way.
Kind regards
George Ross (NAC)

Roofrack, Front runner, Landrover discovery, with ladder, R.3,200   083-4581640

LAND ROVER DISCOVERY Roofrack: Front runner. Full length aluminium. In good cond. R2200. 082-5515049

LAND ROVER Series 3: Engine & gearbox. Good condition. R.5000 each. aldo

LAND ROVER: Zenith 36 ICH carb. R.250. Tel. Mike. 083-3060529-

Land Rover Discovery Side Steps: Series 1 or 2. R800. 082-6475130

LAND ROVER Discovery 1: Drawer system. From front seats to rear. Fridges slide box, water tank, and 7 drawers. All aluminium. R4950 neg (Faerie Glen) 082-4648235

Land Rover Discovery Series 1, bonnet, as is, R.500. Ph 082-7799099

LAND ROVER 90: Roofrack, aluminium, black. R.2300. Long range tank. 40l. R.1500. 083-4001100

LAND ROVER PARTS: 110 Galvanised firewall + twin cam & 2 TDi front fenders. R.4500 the lot. Series spares, 2x R6 galvanised chassis + diffs, also RD2.8 Turbo motor. R.10500. (Hillcrest). Tel. Joe 082-4213990

LAND ROVER Defender 2 .8i 110 Series: 1998. 156000 km. Bbar, Tbar, long range petrol tank, PS, AC. Exc cond. R.85000. 083-6518842

ROVER RS / Series III: Factory galvanised chassis. R.4000. 083-2975190

Land Rover - Rear fold up seats for defender 90 / 110; R300 ea; Phone 083 4685970 083-4685970-

Land Rover Discovery Roof Rack - Aluminium as new. R.1,800.00 not neg. Jason 082 498 3380 082-4983380-

Land Rover def 90 2.8i: 1997. With roofrack and b/bar and spots. R.97000
onco. Tel. Jacques or Nico 0824846046 082-8250028

RIMS x3: For Land Rover. White Epoxy. With tyres. R.500 ea / R.1500 the lot. 083-3769108-

Mag wheel for 1996 Range or Land Rover with tyre 15% tread. R.150  011-3923575-

FRONT RUNNER: Dbl Gas bottle holder for rear of Land Rover. All in new cond. R400 (Rivonia) 011-4636751

Tyres x4: Michelin. 235/70/16. Fits on 4x4 vehicles eg Land Rover Discovery. Exc cond. R.1200 neg for set. (Benoni). 082-5605719

Spares: Roofrack, ladder, spots, and awning. Safari Snorkel. 5 BF Goodrich tyres new. For Landrover Def 90. R.10000. Tel. 0836686599 083-6686599

A set x5 of FC 2A rims ,sandblasted ,redoxided and sprayed with white 2K paint . Reason for sale, the rims don't fit with the disc mods on the S111  Asking price R2 K.  Contact , Pieter  on cell No 082 781 3626 .

I was wondering if you could place a brief note in the next newsletter for fellow members wanting to buy reconditioned 29mhz two way radios. If members would like to place a two way radio in their landy  - then Pierre Hodgens on 084 9734859 is the man. He has an extensive range of 2nd hand equipment going at reasonable prices  , and can also do installations and repairs  / maintenance. He is based in Botha's Hill and I have found his expertise to be solid.


3.5l V8 motor. Call Martin 0828782339

Series 111S gearbox (Santana) complete or in pieces. Plus a LWB Series bin.    Call George Goswell 0836581324

Manfretti (or alternative) 12V x 75A Alternator to fit  1996 Land Rover Defender 300tdi engine. Contact Keith Roach  083 763 3506 or 03931 51216.  Off to Botswana in April and require a spare.

2nd hand working condition electrical fuel pump suitable for series 111 R6 station wagon. Dennis Gramkow  - 084 5851964

Hi All
While surfing and looking for help overhauling my Gearbox I came across this site, which has all the LR Workshop manuals available for, download. The manuals are the original LR Workshop manuals. Didn't find any Disco manuals though The car section has the vehicle specific manuals while the rest are the overhaul manuals etc

Richard Hodsdon

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