Land Rover Timeline



1947 The beginning

1948      Apr 20: The Times first publicly reports the Land-Rover

1949 First Land Rovers sold into USA and Canada (via Roots Motors, Inc.)

1950 April. First show of Land Rover in USA at British Automobile and Motorcycle show

1953 Autumn. Wheelbase lengthened from 80" to 86"

1954 Autumn. 100,000th Land Rover built

1956 Autumn. 107" introduced

1958 March. Series II introduced

1959 November. 250,000th Land Rover built

1960 US Land Rover HQ moves to New York, NY

1961 September. Series IIA announced

1962 12 Seat 109 announced for home market (to avoid a tax)

1966 April. 500,000th Land Rover built

1967 June/July. Range Rover prototype #1 built

1968  Leyland merges with British Motor Holdings (owned Jaguar and EMC to form British Leyland Motor Corporation

1970 June. Range Rover first appears in public (2 door)

1971 June. 750,000th Land Rover built

1974 British Leyland abandons North American Market for Land Rover

1975 British Leyland Motor Company changes its name to British Leyland, Ltd.

1976 June. 1,000,000th Land Rover produced

1978 Land Rover, Ltd created

1979 February. Land Rover V8 (stage 1) announced

1980 British Leyland collapses in North America

1981 4 door Range Rover introduced

1982 Ottawa Valley Land Rovers (OVLR) established as a local chapter of ALROC

1983 March: Land Rover 110 Announced at Geneva Motor Show

1984 Land Rover Owner Association of America (LROA) founded

1987 16 March. Range Rover launched in USA

1988 British Areospace buys Rover Group from British Government for (pounds)150,000,000.

1989 Solihull Society founded

1992 Bay State Rover Owners Assoc. (BSROA) founded

1993 The SAAB pull at the 10th OVLR Birthday Party

1994 11 January. Last 2 door Range Rover built

1995 2.5L 300 TDi introduced

1996 The Freelander, aka CB40, a new Land Rover model is revealed.

1997 One final year of Defender imports to the United States starts.

1999 Discovery Series II introduced.

2000 May. Ford buys Land Rover from BMW 

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