Two Burner Gas Stove


By Eric Mc Millan


These days we only take one 10kg gas cylinder. We found this is more than enough for a four week trip. The same cylinder is used for cooking and showering.






 Picture 2:


Picture 1 shows 2 cooker tops mounted a manifold allowing the convenience of a two-burner stove. The one cooker top has the 4mm air holes and 95 jet conversion while the other as been kept standard ie with the 15 jet.


Picture 2 shows the manifold. This made up out of a piece of 25x25x300mm square tube with the ends closed off and the sockets and nipple brazed in position. Two gas taps complete the assembly.


The pots fit into each other, saving packing space. The smaller pot handles, are modified to provide a rattle free fit.