What to do with the Foot

By Eric Mc Millan.

This is one of those recovery accessories that one hardly ever uses but is worth its weight in gold when you really need it. In this case the foot is the extension attached to the lifting hook of the High Lift jack.

This quite a hefty chunk of iron, difficult to store and can easily knock outward dents in your Landy or you if not securely stowed. As I own a Ninety, space is always at a premium and the following method works well. It keeps it out of the Landy and is well secured. The foot locates in the hole in the chassis that is normally used for jacking.

Photo 1:

I used a rubber grommet to rest against the chassis cross member to stop any rattles.

A 5mm-dia spring clip fits through a 6mm hole drilled in the round bar part of the foot.

Photo 2:

Outside view of the secured foot. This is out of the way and if mounted on the right hand side, it is almost impossible for it to get your knee or shin.

Luckily with a Defender this type of addition enhances the appearance of the vehicle.


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