Compact Shower System (about Mk10)

By Eric Mc Millan


When you own a 90 everything has to be compact even the shower.




Picture 2


Picture 3

Picture 4


Picture 1 shows the shower stowed for travelling.

Picture 2 shows the complete shower set-up Starting from left.

The sprayer was stolen off the garden hose, the flow has been restricted by closing off some of the holes with quickset glue as shown in picture 4. The container was made from the old 7.5 litre watering can. This can be made from a piece of stainless steel ducting used in commercial kitchens. The cooker top has been modified with 4mm air holes and a 95 jet. It boils the kettle quickly on a winterís morning even in Lesotho. Also shown in the picture is the yellow waterproof switch. The silver box in the background contains a 12Volt 7Ah rechargeable battery for showering away from the Landy. The shower can also plug into the cigarette lighter socket.

Picture 3 shows the plumbing, I used 8mm copper tubing with some non-solder elbows to take the right-angled bends. 8mm rubber pipe was used for the flexible connections. Also shown is the 12Volt caravan water pump. Note the U shaped legs to protect the plumbing; these were made from 6mm rod. Hose clamps and feet are brazed onto the watering can.


Modis operandi. The water is circulated in the can until hot enough and then the gas is turned off. (This takes about 10 minutes). The shower can then be taken off the gas bottle and moved to a convenient showering spot.